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Next Meeting

August 18th at 8:15am PT, 11:15am, 1715 CET

August 18th ICS fiile

Meeting Connection Details

Meeting link:https://covesa.my.webex.com/covesa.my/j.php?MTID=m1ef270796a73097c2e2f6ccf445e51a3 Meeting number:2558 871 7267Password:bpKi5yMgQ37 (27545964 from phones and video systems)Host key:607487

Join by video systemDial 25588717267@webex.comYou can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Join by phone+1-408-418-9388 United States TollAccess code: 2558 871 7267

Draft Charter


Framing Question:   How might groundbreaking EV experiences be delivered to customers with a world-class charging infrastructure at hand?

To deliver great EV charging experiences for everyone, standardized, shared big data must be leveraged at scale.  Data and APIs must be standardized and shared to create scale greater than any one OEM or supplier can provide through proprietary solutions.  This standardization and sharing is imperative to enable true efficiency as well as opportunities for growth in EV charging.

The EV Charging and Energy Services project proposed, in the below document, through COVESA by member company Ford intends to begin addressing standards that can enable these great experiences and industry growth.

Meeting Notes

July 7 at 700 CET, 2pm JST/KST, 10 pm PT, 1am ET 


  • Brief Overview of Relevant COVESA terms, projects, and processes
  • Introductions
  • Project Proposal
  • Discussion
  • Next Steps/Call to Action
    • How to get involved
    • Project Timeline
    • Action Items
    • Next Meeting and Schedule

Meeting Recording

July 7, 2022 - Project Proposal

Meeting Notes

  • Project proposal was presented as seen in the meeting recording.
  • The following questions were asked
    • Who runs/owns the database?
      • Answer:  TBD.  Out of scope for proof of concept
    • What is the business model?
      • Answer:  TBD.  A key objective of the poc is to enable new business models and revenue streams.
    • What is the relationship of Vehicle Signal Specification to ISO ExVe?
      • Answer:  This deck by Florian Pinzel describes the potential relationship.

August 3 - Abbreviated Group Charter Review

A group of around 25 individuals were identified, from the membership and community, and invited to the initial charter review.  An abbreviated group was chosen to review the charter to minimize noise.


  • Review and refine charter
  • Determine next steps for larger group meeting

Meeting Notes

  • We walked through the charter with no real objections to it.  There were again questions about business models and database ownership, but no real disagreement.  This does not mean that it is done though.  We still need to find Chairs and drill down on timeline/roadmap.
  • Ideally we would have at least 2 oems, but it may be that the project needs to get off the ground a bit to attract others.
  • Ford presented some other related cases around determining vehicle energy demand.  There is also another collaborative project in the EU doing related work that we may wish to align with.
  • We need to clearly state the value to OEMs and industry to get people onboard
  • Need to have intro and learning sessions to get everyone up to speed on VSS
  • Battery management and power management were mentioned as potential areas this project might facilitate.
  • It may be that agreeing on standard VSS catalog may be difficult, but VSS methodology is still useful
  • Reasonably remove barriers for this group to make progress, but it is understand for this to make it to production vehicles we need to include those things that make software production grade.
  • There are potential opportunities with Michigan Economic Development Commission 

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  1. Hey Paul Boyes as discussed I added my work on this BoF here for now so all can view > btw I need edit rights or I send you the working doc?