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(green star) NOTE: The first analysis of translation and description of linear-equation translation is in

- Spreadsheet

How to describe the complex translations


Current proposal includes the prefix "aosp" for each aosp-specific "decoration" of VSS Leaf object. Proposal of using the namespace to group the AOSP specific fields + adds some meta fields with versioning and other needed informations.


- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row1.Wheel.Left.Tire.Pressure
    aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
    aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::LEFT_FRONT
      k: 1000
      m: 0

Approaches to define and evaluate calculation formula

  1. Use RPN because it is easy to parse and process, no precedence rules to enforce etc.
  2. Use standard math expression (with parantheses) and create a parser/interpreter
  3. Copy standard math expression directly into target language (works in most cases)

=> Approach 3 seems to be our preference for now.

Next Actions

  • Feedback from VSS working group about general strategies for metadata (hierarchical?)  Gunnar Andersson

  • Start work on code generator in vss-tools/contrib, output according to chapter "How to describe the complex translations" above.

    • Question: Introduce templating language (JINJA2) in vss-tools?  It is used in vsc-tools and could be useful also for VSS for more complex code generation than we have today.
  • Stefan awaiting approval to publish "hard-coded" example code.