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By the above it means that: To translate the

Vehicle.Powertrain.FuelSystem.Level into VehicleProperty::FUEL_LEVEL the result value is = VehicleProperty::INFO_FUEL_CAPACITY * / 100.


There is a need to provide a way to bind enumerations, whether by meta language (see ticket [How to describe the complex translations] ).
In Android: Subscribe for TIRE_PRESSURE for left-front wheel. In VSS is more flexible (the entities of TIRES can be more than 4)


There is a need for inverse to use "setProperty" from Android partition

Multiple instances of signal

Introduced new example: The Tire Pressure signal which has multiple instances in the car

- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row1.Wheel.Left.Tire.Pressure
aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
        aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::LEFT_FRONT

- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row1.Wheel.Right.Tire.Pressure
        aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
        aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::RIGHT_FRONT
- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row2.Wheel.Left.Tire.Pressure
        aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
        aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::LEFT_REAR

- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row2.Wheel.Right.Tire.Pressure
        aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
        aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::RIGHT_REAR

The idea is to have each VSS leave mapped to a specific pair aospId + aospArea. In Android types. hal defines multipe areas (generic and some signal specific). See

It is not sufficient for all Car configurations. Open questions:

* When the Car has multiple "rows", which AOSP Area should be chosen to query for "Right rear" * What if the CAr has multiple tires on each side and axle?

Namespace "Android specific fields in VSS leave"

Current proposal includes the prefix "aosp" for each aosp-specific "decoration" of VSS Leaf object.

Proposal of using the namespace to group the AOSP specific fields + adds some meta fields with versioning and other needed informations.

AD: Core fields for each namespace can be standardized inside Genivi.


- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row1.Wheel.Left.Tire.Pressure
      version: 2.0
      package: android.hardware.automotive.vehicle
      id: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
      area: VehicleAreaWheel::LEFT_FRONT     

      version: 1.0
      other_data_for_translation: true


  • the fields introduced in namespaces can be kept in other vss layer files - less maintenance cost of conflicting field names

  • Enables clean code generation.

  • Relevant only during development process.


  • VSS Leaf starts to be a complex structure

Translation description

There is a need to translate the value from VSS to AOSP and vice versa when the signal originates in Android. For complex equations (like FuelLevel) there is no straight forward way for the compiler to inverse the translation.

Define the fields for bi-directional translations

To solve above we might have 2 fields. translation_set and translation_get (names are chosed arbitrary and are subject to be agreed)

For example when a need to convert from kpa(vss) to pa(aosp)

- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row1.Wheel.Left.Tire.Pressure
    aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
    aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::LEFT_FRONT
    aospTranslationFromVSS: "_VAL_ / 1000"
    aospTranslationToVSS: "_VAL_ * 1000"

Focus on non-complex translation like linear

One additional field that represents the linear equation: aospValue = k * vssValue + m. The translation in other direction can be determined.

- Vehicle.Chassis.Axle.Row1.Wheel.Left.Tire.Pressure
    aospId: VehicleProperty::TIRE_PRESSURE
    aospArea: VehicleAreaWheel::LEFT_FRONT
      k: 1000
      m: 0