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Problem/OpportunityNotesEntered byDate
Problem:  Vehicle Properties is very limited.  There is no standard way outside Vehicle Properties for a developer to obtain vehicle dataVSS related.  VHAL wider set of information.Paul BoyesApril 18, 2022
Opportunity:  Share non-differentiating, non-competitive content outside of Google App Store
Paul BoyesAprili 18, 2022
Multi-display and multi-user: currently, you can have multiple driver users, with one active driver at a time. There is some code (since Android 10) that hints at a way to support passenger users and be able to assign a passenger to a display, e.g. left hand rear seat. It would be great if we had a working example showing how this is meant to work
Chris SimmondsApril 19, 2022
Where Vehicle Properties are lacking in functionality, can we suggest extensions (Vendor Properties) that would fill the gaps?
Chris SimmondsApril 19, 2022
How to improve sharing of roadmap with customers:  e.g. Multi-display, multi-user,...

Bootcamp - How do you get an invite? NDA.  2020 videos online.

Problem:  How do we engage with the AOSP Car/AAOS community?  Very little information on how to build with AOSP?  All B2B?  Why so little effort into developer relations?With Linux huge community to interact with?  Much more open.  No secret to roadmap?  AAOS has nothing.  

Problem:  Google puts minimum amount of effort into AOSP And AAOS.  

Summary: is there an appetite in COVESA to create a forum for sharing information about AAOS, and may maybe also to create a cross party interface with the AAOS team in Google?
Chris SimmondsApril 19, 2022
Sharing vehicle data with Google and other parties: what are the risks and opportunities? Should there be sharing at the level of Vehicle Properties?
Chris SimmondsApril 19, 2022