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Collecting information for the planning of a shared development platform develop software code that advances the chosen topics of the Android Automotive SIG home.

Git Repository

What is a "development platform"? 

  • A well defined version of Android for Automotive development that supports running the individual components that are developed as solutions for specific issues
  • A choice of one or more supported hardware boards, for running the basic distribution and programs added to it.
  • BSPs and similar support files needed to be added to the Android source code
  • Automation tools, build-scripts, configurations and other instructions that orchestrate a build that is repeatable by any involved parties
  • A shared repository of the above, stored under GENIVI GitHub

Information and guides


Automotive-oriented development boards

Renesas R-Car Gen 3 series

  • Supported:  R-Car H3 Starter Kit with Kingfisher board
    • Starter Kit
      • Starter Kits are an automotive orientated compact board series with expansion connectors for connections not on-board and which is aimed at community use.
      • 4GB and 8GByte DDR Starter Kit variants available with eMMC to meet Google GAS requirements
      • Price approx 950 Euro (TBC)
      • Available direct from Renesas.
    • Kingfisher
      • Kingfisher acts as an add-on base board for the Starter Kit adding numerous automotive connectors and on-board peripherals.
      • Kingfisher can be further expanded by dedicated camera boards for GMSL and FPD Link cameras
      • Available from the mfr Shimafuji or Renesas.
    • Boards, documentation and Yocto BSP available without NDA 

  • Also likely to work:  R-Car H3/M3 Salvator-XS board
    • Salvator-XS is the R-Car customer reference board.
    • More expensive than Starter Kit, but mentioned here as some participants will have them in-house and Android is available for it.
    • Boards available direct from Renesas.
  • R-Car is officially supported within Genivi GDP, AGL and Adaptive Autosar FT-DI/FT-SI teams.
  • Renesas maintains support for the Genivi Yocto Baseline and are contributing knowledge and a board farm towards the Genivi Automated Test system.


Qualcomm Snapdragon

  • Not supported out of the box.  Community input is welcome.
  • Proposal:  Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S820Am v2 Automotive Development Platform

Alternative consumer-oriented development boards

HiKey 960


Emulator / Virtual Machine options

Android Emulator

  • Not supported out of the box.  Community input is welcome.
  • Part of Android Studio.  Open Android Device Manager and choose emulation.  Etc.


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