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Congratulations to Open Insurance for the publication of the first version of the open insurance API specification based on Swagger 2.0.  It is meant to provide a standards format to unify how the insurance industry defines and describes RESTful APIs.  

We appreciate working with the the team at OPIN's Automotive Lab to align VSS with OPIN’s data standards facilitating the consumption of data generated by connected vehicles. Over the course of almost 10 months, technical and business use cases were discussed at length. As a result, OPIN's Motor insurance data model has been complimented with more than 80 new data properties encompassing dynamic, semi-dynamic and static signals.

This work has been documented and published as a set of two documents. The first is titled 'OPIN Enabled Mobility Use Cases' and the second is guidance document on logical composition of end to end technology system and the boundaries of responsibilities, titled 'Motor Insurance Technical POC and Implementation'.

We look forward to continued work with Open Insurance.

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