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COVESA's Project launch process is intended to be simple with low administrative overhead.  The goal is make it easy for members to launch and engage in new Projects and Birds of a Feather groups that are useful to them and the community.   COVESA will facilitate and help with recruitment, but it is incumbent on members to define and lead Projects.


  1. Member has a new idea or need (tech or business) or wants to expand an existing Project.
  2. Member summarizes idea in a summary "1 pager" document that includes what it is and its value to the community/why it matters and submits it to COVESA Community Director.
  3. Member and Community Director present to and recruit community for participation and collaboration.  Non-members may be invited to the Project presentation as it makes sense (e.g. companies, alliances,  and/or standards development organizations).
  4. Project Lead, community and Community Director collaborate to write a charter that further defines value to the community, scope, deliverables and timeline.
  5. Project Lead, community and Community Director establish regular meeting cadence (usually weekly or bi-weekly) to progress the Project.


The "1-pager" should clearly summarize the proposed Project or BoF.  Its purpose is to communicate proposed Project to the community.  There is no prescribed format, but it should be brief and contain enough information so that members understand what is being proposed including: 

  • Project/Topic Name 
  • Contact Info of Initiating Members
  • Framing Question
  • Background
  • Problem Statement
  • Vision
  • Target Audience (including organization names and/or type/role (e.g. oem, tier-1, solutions providers, system integrators...)
  • Value to COVESA Members and Industry
  • Scope and Potential Outputs (e.g. specification, code, proof of concept...)

Most submit 1-Pager in document format as a PDF.  This is typically followed by a presentation (e.g. PowerPoint) to the community.


Below are some examples of recent 1-Pagers submitted by Member companies


A Project Charter is a document that formally defines a Project including the following:

  • Scope
  • Responsibilities
  • Way of Working
  • Planned Output
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Participants
  • Chairs and Vice-Chairs
  • Lifecycle and End of Life

See Template below for detailed descriptions


Below is the COVESA Charter template to be used for Expert Groups and Projects 

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