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Day 1

28 April - 9 am - 2pm pm CET 

DEGSpringAMMWorkshop 20230428.ics


Time (minutes)ItemSession Leaders/PresentersNotes
9:00-9:30IntroductionsPaul Boyes, Erik Jaegervall, Adnan Bekan, Stephen Lawrence


What problem are we trying to solve?

What are we producing in what time frame?

09:30-11:00Deployment Scenarios

Steve: Do we have broad agreement on the selected diagrams? What's missing? How do we take them to the next level? What is repeating, i.e. what reusable configs can be extracted?


  • Erik: Seems to be the "vehicle" deployment scenario that has most interest - mapping to e.g. CAN/SOMEIP/ARXML, observation metadata, 
  • Paul: Taking slides from AMM and add to covesa website (or wiki?)

11:00-11:30How to manage/organize VehicleAPI work (COVESA-AUTOSAR collaboration)
  • Ulf: Bridge could be the solution
  • Stephen: Split projects, operationally two bits, AUTOSAR wants help on how to make "open source"
  • Waiting that COVESA signs
  • Possibly have a monthly meeting for information exchange AUTOSAR WG Cloud → DEG
    • AP : Erik/Piotr to contact Sami to agree on cadence/date/timeslot

VSS Documentation Move

Move syntax documentation to vss-tools? OK as ambition?

  • Decision: Erik to investigate and present results at a later meeting

12:30Best Practices

Steve: We need to start building out a roadmap for Best Practices, i.e. what/how. I suggest taking it a step at a time to make progress. What's most urgent? What needs to be tackled to get there?

  • Figure out where to place it. Wiki?
    • Taxonomy vs Ontology
    • Deployment scenarios
    • Sebastian: Success stories?

AP: Stephen to create draft somewhere

14:00-15:00Wrap-Up and Next StepsPaul Boyes, Erik Jaegervall, Adnan Bekan, Stephen LawrenceConcrete action items for next day

Additional possible topics:

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