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Weekly Meeting

Wednesdays at 7:00am PT, 10:00am ET, 1600 CET

Meeting Notes

December 7th at 7:00am PT, 10:00am ET, 1600 CET


  • PoC with digital.auto for CES
  • How to integrated Power Level Values into the VSS:

Proposal by BOSCH

November 23rd at 7:00am PT, 10:00am ET, 1600 CET


  • Discussion on Planned Demo/PoC for CES 2023
  • Demonstration of Approach for Integration with VSS 
  • Plan for Collaboration


Paul Boyes COVESA
Dirk Slama Bosch
Pradeep Kumar K Mobis
Umang Sharma Mobis
Anirudh Koduganti Mobis

Meeting Notes

  • Discussion on Planned Demo/PoC for CES 2023:
    • Mentioned that the Network Reception for COVESA can be a good session for the COVESA team (led by Mobis) to showcase the first level EV Power Optimization dataset on January 5th at CES 2023.
    • Proposed that EV Power Optimization Use Cases related to HVAC, Lighting and Climate Control can be taken to CES 2023.
    • Shared details regarding registration for CES 2023.
    • Outlined Plan for development of PoC.
  • Demonstration of Approach for Integration with VSS:
    • Showcased the VSS Model developed and mentioned that COVESA VSS team suggested that existing VSS Modules should be used to include EV Power Optimization.
    • Suggested that signals developed should be able to clearly indicate the difference between Normal mode and Power Optimized mode. 
  • Plan for Collaboration:
    • Planned Tasks for development of PoC outlined.
    • Tasks assigned to two teams. The first team will work on creating a UI for the PoC in the digital.auto playground. The second team will work on creating an Excel Spreadsheet showing data on Power Optimization of different EV Systems.
  • Topic for Next Week's Meeting:
    • Discussion on Excel Spreadsheet prepared for the planned PoC. 
    • Discussion on UI Development for the planned PoC. 

November 16th at 7:00am PT, 10:00am ET, 1600 CET


  • Overview of Project and Technical Concept.
  • Plan to Integrate with VSS. 
  • Queries and Suggestions from Participants.


Paul Boyes COVESA
Achim Henkel Bosch
Dirk Slama Bosch
Sunil Goyal Ford
Christoph Schierjott Ford
Denys Fedenko Intellias
Gaurav Mittal Mobis
Pradeep Kumar K Mobis
Chandra Sekhar C Mobis
Umang Sharma Mobis
Anirudh Koduganti Mobis

Meeting Notes

  • Explained the following:
    • Power Optimization Project Technical Concept in detail including the Architecture, Parameters, Use Cases, VSS Signal Integration (Additional Signals recommended) and applicability to different Automotive Systems/Modules. 
    • Proposed that VSS Signals can be added in two different ways for this project: 
      • Add in the Existing VSS Modules in the Infotainment Category. 
      • Add a separate VSS Module for EV Power Optimization.
  • Views from Participants:
    • In general the concept is accepted and further study is agreed.
    • Suggested to create a first level dataset based on estimates and develop it further:
      • Participants mentioned that they are willing to share resources for this activity.
      • Potential candidate to be presented in CES 2023 if such date would be available.
    • Expressed opinion that the EV Power Optimization technical concept can be applied to all EVs globally and can be customized to cater to the requirements of OEMs and Tier 1s.  
    • Possible to explore additional product lines for Power Optimization.
  • Topic for Next Week's Meeting:
    • Discussion on possible collaboration for further development of VSS Signals and Dataset.
    • Discussion on approach for VSS Signal Integration for this Project.

EV Power Optimization Proposal presented during COVESA Fall AMM conducted from18th to 20th October:

  • EV Power Optimization Project Proposal and premise were presented.
  • Technical aspects of the proposal along with Use Cases and Parameters Effecting Travel Range were explained.
  • Guidelines for Power Optimization, currently proposed for IVI module, can be extended to many other modules of the vehicle.
  • Discussed Opportunity for reutilization by industry Partners related to EV Power Optimization.

EV Power Optimization Project Proposal:


Framing Question:   How can we increase the travel range in EV for fixed battery capacity?

EV Power Optimization Project Proposal Summary

  • The proposal team aims to initiate and lead a dedicated EV power optimization Interest group within COVESA.
  • An initial seeding project aims at :
    • Develop standard specification for power optimization.
    • Demonstrate features/scenarios by POC.
  • The proposal team would like to drive this project if other OEMS participate in defining/improving the guidelines for multiple ECU’s.

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