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The Data Expert Group (DEG) is chartered to provide COVESA a single entity in which best practices and common approaches for connected vehicle data and interfaces are discussed, documented, and where appropriate, proved.  An industry driver is to facilitate, simplify, and reduce integration efforts on those things that are common to enable focus on new experiences, business opportunities and revenue streams.

The expert group will work under the oversight of the COVESA Technical Steering Team and will be organized to explore interactions with multiple Touchpoints (integration points) on its own as well as horizontally in support of other Expert Groups such as Electric Vehicle Charging Expert Group.  Touchpoints out-of-scope shall be tracked by the Technical Steering Team and may, from time to time, require analysis based on work done in other regulatory or standardization bodies.

The group shall be organized around four pillars with existing activities (e.g. groups, projects and initiatives) mapped in as determined by the Board:


Figure 2 - Data Expert Group four pillars

Other Expert Groups will consult with, inform and consume work product from the four pillars.  The four pillars and associated work products/output are the responsibility of the DEG including informing how they are utilized and consumed by other EGs.  They are not the responsibility of the other Expert Groups.  In addition, not all EGs will require use of output from DEG.  As such, they will not require any dependency or interaction.


Board approved charter - 17 August 2022




BMW, Bosch, Mercedes, Renasas, Geotab, Amazon, Capgemini

Communication Channels

COVESA Community Calendar

The COVESA Community Calendar contains all open COVESA meetings.  

Calendar and Mailing List are only accessible with a Google account.  

If you have not already done so you can create a Google account without changing their email address here:

Data Expert Group Mailing List (Google Group)


Slack Channels

COVESA Community Workspace Invite:


Data Expert Group Channel:


Slack Channel

Join the data-expert-group channel on COVESA Community on Slack.

Meetings and Way of Working

Meeting Schedule

The Data Expert Group normally meets every Thursday at 16.00 CET (which most of the year equals 7.00 AM PST). Call-in details in the COVESA Calender. If a meeting is cancelled it shall typically be removed from the calendar and/or communicated on Slack. The meeting is primarily intended for members of the Data Expert Group.

Ticket system

The Data Expert Group use a GitHub project for managing tickets. Access to the project is restricted. Contact Paul Boyes if you need access.

Location of created Artifacts

  • Use COVESA Wiki as main starting point for storing/finding information
  • (UML) Diagrams (source and generated):
    • Shall be stored in github, either existing COVESA repo or dedicated Data Expert Group repository (covesa-architecture?)
    • Create new repo first when needed
  • Powerpoint, Word and similar documents:
    • Use a well defined file share location on google drive
    • Reference from wiki as needed
    • Folder created

Weekly Agenda

  • Status and Progress since previous week 
    • Walk through ongoing topics in  “Backlog/Kanban Board”.  Each Pillar should have a work product their group is working toward and status.
  • Weekly Topic
    • Two weeks ago was process and Kanban board in GitHub.
    • Last week was VSS Governance.   Should we discuss that this week?  I have created a page here to capture what has been discussed to date.  
    • Thursday:  I feel like our goal now is to get the group moving on the appropriate work products.  So, I feel we should discuss the working process as well as agree and assign work product.  I have created new item with priority urgent and assigned to the 3 of us.  Feel free to edit, but I think this is our first priority
    • Future Weeks: more on Governance, Security, Ontology, VSS relationship to…, ...
    • Weekly topics to be reflected by "urgent" tickets in Backlog Priority View.
  • Next Week/Monthly 
    • Ideally we would layout what we are going to address next week.
    • We should also do a monthly status to see how we are holding up in relation to our Roadmap.


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