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Tuesday, October 10, 2023
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleSlidesVideosSpeaker(s)
10/10/231:00 PM1:30 PMCOVESA for NewcomersDay 1 Newcomers_Steve Crumb.pdfN/ASteve Crumb, COVESA
10/10/231:30 PM2:00 PMCOVESA Members KeynoteDay 1 Matt Jones_Presidents Welcome.pdfN/AMatt Jones, President, COVESA
10/10/232:00 PM2:30 PMUnderstanding and Engaging in COVESA Expert Groups & ProjectsDay 1 Community Dir_PBoyes.pdfN/APaul Boyes, COVESA Community Director
10/10/232:30 PM3:15 PMIntro to Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)Day 1_ Intro to VSS_ABekan.pdfN/AAdnan Bekan, BMW Group
10/10/233:30 PM4:00 PMEmerging Automotive Technologies: Insight on the Legal Issues and Risks of AI and Data CollectionN/AJennifer Dukarski, Butzel
10/10/234:00 PM4:30 PMAccelerating IoT Development: Leveraging VSS at the EdgeDay1_1010-1600_AID_Aman_Konark.pdfN/AAman Gupta & Konark Verma, DENSO
10/10/234:30 PM5:30 PMUnlocking the Potential of SDV: The  Significance of Data and Connectivity (Panel)
N/ABrian Carlson, NXP - Graham Smethurst, BMW Group, Mike Robertson, Elektrobit - Steve Bell, Informa Tech Automotove Group. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleSlidesVideosSpeaker(s)
10/11/239:00 AM9:30 AMThe SDV Future: Challenges and Opportunities0900-0930_SDV Future - Dan Nicholson - Day 2_900-930.pdfN/ADan Nicholson, GM
10/11/239:00 AM9:45 AMAOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group StatusDay 2_900-945 COVESA AOSP APP FRAMEWORK AMM OCT23.pdfhttps://youtu.be/U45oijfAwtcRichard Fernandes, GM, Camille Ghibaudo at Faurecia and Melina Mascolo at BMW Group
10/11/239:00 AM9:45 AMData Expert Group UpdateData Expert Group Update 2023-10-11N/A

Erik Jaegervall  Robert Bosch AB

10/11/239:30 AM10:00 AMAutoTech Partnerships and Alliances-Reshaping AutomotiveDay 2_Steve Bell_AutoTech partnerships.pdfN/ASteve Bell, Informa Tech Automotive Group
10/11/239:45 AM10:30 AMAlternative to Push Notifications  Working SessionDay 2_945-1030 COVESA-AMM-Alternative-to-Push-Notifications-Working-Session.pdfhttps://youtu.be/bg17c1_UZgwRichard Fernandes, GM, Jose Freitas, Faurecia and Melina Mascolo at BMW Group
10/11/239:45 AM10:30 AMFrom Concept to Reality:  How Data-Centric Vehicle APIs Shape Software-Defined VehicleCOVESA_SDV_presentation.pdfN/AAdnan Bekan, BMW Group
10/11/2310:00 AM10:15 AMAuto Executives 10 Insights on the Software-Centered Transformation of the Automotive Industry1000-10Insights_CLanier_Day2.pdfN/AChris Lanier, Wind River
10/11/2310:30 AM11:00 AMWhich Data Do Commercial Customers Need and How An Industry-Wide Defined Data Set Increases Value for Fleets, OEMs & Telematics Service ProvidersDay2_1030_GETOAB Recommendations for Standardized Fleet Data.pdfN/AChristoph Ludewig, Geotab
10/11/2310:30 AM11:30 AMThe Hierarchical Information Model (HIM) and an Interface Using ItHIM and an interface using it.pptxN/AUlf Björkengren, Ford
10/11/2310:45 AM11:30 AM360 View of EV Alliances and Initiatives in the Public Charging World: Why VSS and Common Data Models  Matter
N/AMatus Banyay, Ford
10/11/2311:00 AM11:30 AMHow COVESA APIs are Accelerating Service Development in Commercial Vehicles and Off-RoadDay 2_1100_How COVESA APIs are Accelerating.pdfN/AMouham Tanimou, PhD, Bosch
10/11/2311:30 AM12:15 PMSensors, Signals, and Safety: Leveraging Vehicle Connectivity to Reduce Roadway Risk (Panel)
N/ATim VanGoethem, ESS, Lawrence Williams, ROADMEDIC, Lisa Spellman, SAE ITC, Trpko Blazevski, Stellantis
10/11/2311:30 AM12:15 PMuServices - A Step towards a standardized vehicle Interfaces for SDVDay_2_1011-11_30_HR_COVESA_uServices_COVESA_AMM_Oct_2023.pdfN/AHalim Ragab, GM
10/11/2312:00 PM12:15 PMSeeing Around the Corner: SDV in the year 2040Day 2_1200_John Ellis .pdfN/AJohn Ellis, JTE Consulting
10/11/231:30 PM2:00 PMBeyond the Car - Advancing Commercial Vehicles - The Transforming Software to Meet the Needs of Owners, Drivers and Fleet ManagersBeyond_the_car_Shareef_Hakim_Day_2_13_30_final.pdfhttps://youtu.be/-mBbz5Tlg5YShareef Hakim, Ford
10/11/231:30 PM2:30 PMDDS and Data-Centric CommunicationsCOVESA_AMM_2023Oct_RTI_DDS_DATA_CENTRIC_COMMS.pdfN/ANeil Puthuff, RTI
10/11/231:30 PM2:30 PMMoving the Web and Automotive ForwardDay 2_W3C_Moving the Web and Automotive Forward.pdfN/APhilippe Le Hégaret, W3C
10/11/232:00 PM2:45 PMThe Future of the EV Experience (Panel)
https://youtu.be/KhkgRy_ZGp8Kyle Ammann, Parkopedia, John Ellis, JTE Cosulting, Matus Banyay, Ford, Edward Mussi, Stellantis
10/11/232:30 PM3:00 PMIntegrate VSS with Automotive Systems: Aligning Data Collection with Business RequirementsCOVESA-Fall-AMM-2023-Presentation-VSS-in-Automotive-Systems-James-Hunt-web.pdfN/AJames Hunt, PhD, aicas GmbH
10/11/232:45 PM3:15 PMSoftware as Capitalhttps://youtu.be/tvGweq3fAHAHisao Munakata & Daniel Sisco, Renesas Electronics Corporation
10/11/233:30 PM4:00 PMEV Power Optimization Walkthrough
N/APradeep Kumar Komdabattini,  and Umang Sharma, Hyundai Mobis
10/11/233:30 PM4:00 PMThe Ultimate Vehicle Experience: Today, Tomorrow and Beyondhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=jhnQepIvSR0Charlie Cross, Stellantis
10/11/233:30 PM5:30 PMCommercial Vehicle Birds of a Feather
N/ATed Guild Geotab, Thomas Spreckley, Bosch
10/11/234:00 PM4:30 PMBuilding Real-time OTA Updates with an Object Oriented Database (Realm)N/AArnaldo Vera, MongoDB
10/11/234:00 PM4:45 PMZero Prototype Future - Navigating the Shift from Physical to Virtual Simulation


Panelists: Chris Clark, Synopsis - Brandy Goolsby, Wind River - Govind Malleichervu, MathWorks -Jeff Blackburn, Ansys - Shareef Hakim, Ford
10/11/234:30 PM5:30 PMCross OEM Private Compute

Milan Zhang, Ford
10/11/234:45 PM5:30 PMA Fragment of Your Imagination - Ending AOSP App Framework Fragmentation for AutomotiveDay 2_445_A Fragment of Your Imagination_Andrew Lakin.pdfhttps://youtu.be/gMluOHSZ2LIAndrew Lakin, Faurecia Aptoide Automative, Amit Mehta, Stellantis, Michael Whalstom, GM, Florian Delabre, BMW Group, Vamsi Putrevu, Mavio.io

Thursday, October 12, 2023
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleSlidesVideosSpeaker(s)
10/12/239:00 AM9:30 AMArchitecture and Infrastructure Working Session VSS-based Data Middleware Tiered Sync  - Proof of ConceptN/A

Christian Mühlbauer, BMW Group and Arnaldo Vera, MongoDB

Stephen Lawrence, Renesas

10/12/239:00 AM9:45 AMCreation of a Connected Vehicle Safety EcosystemCreation of Connected Safety Ecosystem_VanGoethem_Day3-compressed.pdfhttps://youtu.be/ly8e0ZjG4Fs

Lawrence Williams at ROADMEDIC®   -   Craig Keller st ESS
Emergency Safety Solutions - Tim VanGoethem at
Emergency Safety Solutions

10/12/239:30 AM11:00 AMArchitecture and Infrastructure Working Session- Discussion of community led Central Data Service reference playgroundData Architecture Workshop v2.pptxN/AStephen Lawrence, Renesas
10/12/239:45 AM10:00 AMA Strategic Perspective on Emerging Technology Trends and Transformation in the Automotive IndustryCOVESA P_Goswami-A Strategic Perspective.pdfhttps://youtu.be/iIbp9rhURKoPartha Goswami, General Motors
10/12/2310:15 AM11:00 AMVehicle as a Wallet Workshop
https://youtu.be/xCe275VEqnYAmit Mehta,  Stellantis, John Moon, COVESA, Vamsi Putrevu,  Mavi.io, Jens Kohnen, Starfish
10/12/2310:15 AM11:00 AMVSS in-vehicle: KUKSA State of the UnionN/A
10/12/2311:00 AM11:45 AMStreaming/Data Sharing Impact on the SW & HW Architectures
https://youtu.be/uel-kelM5U0Brian Carlson, NXP - Tim Yerdon, Plymouth Technology Advisors - Dave Anderson, Ad Astera Design LLC -Michael Blicher, Managing Director at Innovation Works Bernd Niedermeier, Head of Global Automotive Business Development at Tuxera
10/12/2311:00 AM11:45 AMVehicle data server southbound architectureVehicle data server southbound architecture.pptxN/AUlf Björkengren, Ford
10/12/2311:00 AM12:15 PMArchitecture and Infrastructure Working Session - 

Documenting How-To’s, Patterns and Architectures

Data Architecture Workshop v2.pptxN/AStephen Lawrence, Renesas
10/12/2311:45 AM12:15 PM

Easy Prototyping with ProtoPie and VSS

N/AEmil Dautovic, Remotive Labs
10/12/2311:45 AM12:15 PMOpening up the New Payments FrontierDay3_1145_New Payments Frontier_Roger Lanctot TechInsights.pdfhttps://youtu.be/XN50rJt6bv0Roger Lanctot
10/12/231:00 PM1:15 PMManaging Vehicle Life Cycle: Engineering, Production & Operation, using  Digital Twin and Simulation, based on VSSDay 3_1300_Arendai_Covesa-Walter Buga.pdfhttps://youtu.be/DirgWXbEF3EWalter Buga, Arendai
10/12/231:00 PM2:45 PMCommon Vehicle Interfaces Working Session
N/APaul Boyes, COVESA, Halim Ragab, GM, Erik Jagervall, Bosch, Adnan Bekan, BME Group
10/12/231:15 PM2:00 PMVehicle Experience Explore All Collaboration WorkshopVehicle Experience Explore All Collab_Stellantis.pdfhttps://youtu.be/iniyyICYI6kBrad Gieske & Dan Cashen at Stellantis, Dan, Michael Bilcher, Innovation Works
10/12/232:00 PM2:45 PMImpacting the Future of In-Vehicle Experiences
https://youtu.be/Z8w9yHK_QycJohn Ellis, JTE Consulting, Andrew Lakin, Aurelia Aptoide Automotive, Niclas Gyllenram, AIDEN Automotive
10/12/232:45 PM3:45 PMVSS Evolvement WorkshopVSS Workshop 2023-10-12N/A

Erik Jaegervall Robert Bosch AB

10/12/234:15 PM4:45 PMData Expert Group Wrap UpN/AN/A
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