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2023 Spring AMM - EV Charging Sessions Workshop Planning Page

Weekly Meeting

Thursdays at 8:00am PT, 11:00am ET, 1700 CET

See Community Calendar

Calendar and Communication Channels

COVESA Community Calendar

The COVESA Community Calendar contains all open COVESA meetings.  

EV Charging Expert Group Mailing List (Google Group)


Slack Channel 

COVESA Community Workspace Invite:


EV Charging Expert Group Channel:


Status White Paper 202306

The 2-pager: next steps in EV-charging 

Draft Charter, Proposals, and Resources

Proposed VSS Extension Options

VSS Extension Spreadsheet

digital.auto Fleet Simulator Proposal

Fleet Range Predictor Proposal


Project Proposal Pitch Recording

COVESA EV Charging Proposal.mp4

Framing Question:   How might groundbreaking EV experiences be delivered to customers with a world-class charging infrastructure at hand?

To deliver great EV charging experiences for everyone, standardized, shared big data must be leveraged at scale.  Data and APIs must be standardized and shared to create scale greater than any one OEM or supplier can provide through proprietary solutions.  This standardization and sharing is imperative to enable true efficiency as well as opportunities for growth in EV charging.

The EV Charging and Energy Services project proposed, in the below document, through COVESA by member company Ford intends to begin addressing standards that can enable these great experiences and industry growth.

Weekly Agenda and Meeting Notes

See the EV Charging Event Data Aggregation - Weekly Agenda and Meeting Notes page


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