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Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - Day 1
DateTitleStart TimeEnd TimeTypePresentation Speakers
4/16/24COVESA for Newcomers1:00 PM1:25 PMIntro SessionSteve Crumb, COVESA
4/16/24COVESA Member Keynote1:30 PM1:55 PMPlenaryMatt Jones, COVESA
4/16/24COVESA Priorities & Future2:00 PM2:40 PMPanel Session, Plenary

4/16/24Understanding and Engaging in COVESA Expert Groups & Projects2:45 PM3:15 PMInformal Discussion, PlenaryPaul Boyes, COVESA
4/16/24A Beginners Guide to Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)3:45 PM4:10 PMIntro SessionPaul Boyes, Steve Crumb, COVESA
4/16/24Navigating the Intersection of Technology, Open-Source, and Business for the Software-Defined Vehicle4:10 PM4:40 PMThought LeadershipMoritz Neukirchner, Elektrobit

4/16/24What's an SDV and why is it needed?4:40 PM5:05 PMThought LeadershipGraham Smethurst, BMW Group
4/16/24AUTOSAR and COVESA as part of the SDV Alliance: Unifying the Software Defined Vehicle Ecosystem5:10 PM5:35 PMThought LeadershipMike Niclas-Höret, Steve Crumb
4/16/24Welcome Reception6:00 PM8:00 PM
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - Day 2
DateTitleStart TimeEnd TimeTypePresentation Speakers
4/17/24Embracing Open Source in an Automotive Safety Context9:00 AM9:25 AMKeynoteRobert Fekete, Volvo Cars
4/17/24Data Expert Group Working Session - Status Update9:00 AM9:45 AMWorking SessionData_Expert_Group_Working_Session_Status_Update.pptx
4/17/24Development Efficiency in a Safe and Secure World9:30 AM9:55 AMThought Leadership

4/17/24AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group Working Session - Status Update9:30 AM10:00 AMWorking Session

Melina Mascolo , José Freitas (Faurecia), Richard Fernandes 

4/17/24Learning VSS: A Deeper Dive9:45 AM10:30 AMTechnical Presentation
4/17/24AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group Working Session - Snapp Ambient Light Initiative10:00 AM10:15 AMWorking Session
Juhani Lehtimäki (Snapp Automotive)
4/17/24Maintaining Safety Certifications for Vehicle Platforms10:00 AM10:40 AMPanel Session

4/17/24AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group Working Session -The road to Hollywood: Making automotive hardware suitable for Global Streaming Providers10:15 AM10:45 AMWorking Session

Tomasz Dzikowski (3SS)
4/17/24Common Vehicle Interfaces - Working Session10:30 AM11:00 AMWorking Session

4/17/24AOSP App Framework Standardizatiosn Expert Group  - European Broadcasting Union Working Session10:45 AM11:15 AMWorking Session
Tomas Granryd (Swedish Radio/European Broadcasting Union)
4/17/24Common Vehicle Interfaces Working Session - IFEX to/from uServices11:00 AM11:45 AMWorking Session

4/17/24Making Open Source Work for Automotive11:10 AM11:35 AMThought Leadership

4/17/24AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group Working Session - Push Notifications11:15 AM12:00 PMWorking Session
Maximilian Galanis (BMW), José Freitas (Faurecia)
4/17/24FMS & COVESA APIs in a Software-defined Commercial Vehicle Ecosystem11:40 AM12:05 PMThought Leadership

4/17/24Common Vehicle Interfaces Working Session - New features proposal for next version of VISSv211:45 AM12:30 PMWorking SessionUlf Bjorkengren, Ford Motor Company
4/17/24Enhancing Android VHAL Implementation: A Proof of Concept with PennyBacker Integration in Automotive Environments12:00 PM12:30 PMTechnical Presentation

4/17/24VSS - Enabling Data Intelligence12:05 PM12:30 PMThought LeadershipVSS-Enabling_Data_Intelligence.pdfJorge González, Geotab
4/17/24Commercial Vehicle BoF Working Session1:30 PM2:00 PMWorking SessionCommercial Vehicle Overview & Update

Thomas Spreckley, ETAS

Ted Guild, Geotab

4/17/24How did you cook it? About Honda's AAOS-based IVI System1:30 PM2:30 PMTechnical PresentationYuichi Kusakabe, Honda Motor
4/17/24Connected Vehicle User Experience and Monetization of Services2:00 PM2:40 PMBusiness Session, Panel Session

4/17/24Commercial Vehicle BoF Working Session - Coordination with Other CV Organizations2:00 PM2:45 PMWorking Session

4/17/24autoverse: UX validation of the digital vehicle experience, enabled by COVESA VSS2:30 PM3:00 PMTechnical Presentation

4/17/24Leveraging VSS To Solve Business Challenges2:45 PM3:25 PMPanel Session, Thought Leadership

4/17/24Commercial Vehicle BoF Working Session - Extending VSS to Commercial Vehicles (w/ VSS group)2:45 PM3:30 PMWorking Session

Erik Jägervall, Robert Bosch AB

Ulf Bjorkengren, Ford Motor Company

4/17/24Using the Automotive Grade Linux UCB as a Vehicle for COVESA Development3:00 PM3:30 PMTechnical Presentation

4/17/24How do we "un-suck" our Software?3:25 PM3:50 PMThought Leadership

4/17/24In-Vehicle API (joining forces with AUTOSAR)3:30 PM4:00 PMTechnical PresentationAchim Henkel, Robert Bosch GmbH
4/17/24Connected Safety Birds of a Feather Working Session3:30 PM5:30 PMWorking Session

Magnus Andersson, Terranet, 

Tim VanGoethem, Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS)

& Larry Williams, LiDAR Saving Lives Public Safety Coalition

Roger Lanctot

4/17/24Towards a Vehicle DATA Specification4:00 PM4:45 PMTechnical PresentationCOVESA_Towards vehicle DATA specification_AMM_04.2024.pdf
4/17/24Complexity of Moving to Software-Oriented Approaches4:10 PM4:50 PMPanel Session, Thought Leadership

4/17/24The Automotive Knowledge Model (AKM)4:45 PM5:45 PMTechnical PresentationAKMforCOVESA.pptx

Alan Freedman, Ford

Jim Miloser, Ford

Mohit Yadav, Ford

4/17/24Quo Vadis White Label App Stores - How to Evolve the Automotive App Ecosystem4:55 PM5:35 PMPanel Session, Thought Leadership

4/17/24COVESA & Telematics Valley Introduction5:00 PM5:30 PMBusiness Session, Informal Discussion

Thursday, April 18, 2024 - Day 3
DateTitleStart TimeEnd TimeTypePresentation 


4/18/24Vehicle Signal Specification - Working Session8:45 AM9:30 AMWorking SessionVSS Working Session

Erik Jägervall, Bosch

Pierre Pierre Blais, Blackberry

4/18/24Automotive AI: Unleashing New Possibilities & Experiences9:00 AM9:30 AMBusiness SessionCOVESA - Lanctot - April 2024.pptxRoger Lanctot
4/18/24Introduction to the COVESA Central Data Service Playground9:00 AM9:40 AMTechnical PresentationCentral_Data_Service_Playground_track_v2.pptxCOVESA Data Architecture team:
Stephen Lawrence (Renesas)

Christian Mühlbauer (BMW)

Haonan Qiu (BMW)

4/18/24Android Infotainment Quality Analysis by End-User Behavior Modeling and Vehicle Data9:30 AM10:00 AMTechnical Presentation

Tero Aaltonen, Profilence

Emil Dautovic, RemotiveLabs

4/18/24Transforming the Vehicle Experience – Exploring the New Frontier9:30 AM10:00 AMBusiness Session

4/18/24Technical overview of the Central Data Service Playground9:40 AM10:10 AMTechnical PresentationCentral_Data_Service_Playground_track_v2.pptxCOVESA Data Architecture team:

Stephen Lawrence (Renesas)
4/18/24Empowering Digital Services10:15 AM10:45 AMTechnical Presentation

Renjith Rajagopal, Volvo Cars

Kristoffer Nilsson, Volvo Cars

Peter Winzell, Volvo Cars

Ulf Björkengren, Ford Motor Company

Emil Dautovic, RemotiveLabs

4/18/24What Does "V2X" Mean in 2024 and beyond?10:15 AM11:15 AMBusiness Session, Informal Discussion

4/18/24Using the Central Data Service Playground10:30 AM10:45 AMTechnical PresentationCentral_Data_Service_Playground_track_v2.pptx

COVESA Data Architecture team:
Stephen Lawrence (Renesas)

4/18/24Data Expert Group - Data Architecture Working Session10:45 AM12:15 PMWorking SessionCentral_Data_Service_Playground_track_v2.pptxCOVESA Data Architecture team
4/18/24Building a Communication Abstraction Gateway: Bridging vSomeIP to HTTP, MQTT, gRPC, and Beyond - A Practical Implementation Perspective11:15 AM12:00 PMTechnical Presentation

4/18/24IT, OT (ISC/SCADA) vs. Automotive Cybersecurity – Lessons Learned11:15 AM12:15 PMBusiness Session, Panel Session

4/18/24A Professional Benchmark for Decision Making Tools12:00 PM12:15 PMTechnical Presentation

Emil Dautovic, RemotiveLabs

Daniel Alvarez-Coello, BMW Group

Haonan Qiu, BMW Group

4/18/24What the Automotive Industry Should Learn from Mobile OEMs Shift from Proprietary to Open SW Platforms12:15 PM12:45 PMBusiness Session

4/18/24Data Middleware Enabling Offline-First Telemetry Collection and Real-time Decision Making with an In-car Knowledge Layer12:15 PM1:00 PMTechnical Presentation

Christian Mühlbauer (BMW)
Haonan Qiu (BMW)

André Lubbe (Motius)

4/18/24Vehicle Information Service Specification Consent Model12:15 PM1:00 PMWorking Session

Ulf Bjorkengren Ford Motor Company

Sinan Gunes Aiden Technology

4/18/24A Framework Approach to Standardizing Consent Management in Software-Defined Vehicles2:00 PM2:30 PMTechnical PresentationStandardizing Consent Mgmt in SDV (COVESA & 360ofme)_April 2024_final.pdf
4/18/24In-vehicle Data Storage and Data Sharing in Case of Cloud Disconnection2:00 PM2:30 PMTechnical Presentation

Arnaldo Vera , MongoDB

Raphael Schor , MongoDB

Alexander Stigson , MongoDB

4/18/24In-Vehicle Payment: State of the Industry and the Road Ahead2:00 PM3:00 PMBusiness Session, Panel Session

4/18/24Vehicle Information Service Specification Feeder Domain Conversion Explained and Demonstrated2:30 PM3:15 PMWorking Session

Ulf Bjorkengren, Ford Motor Company,

Cem Mengi, Ford Motor Company

4/18/24Wallet for In-car Payment with Self Sovereign Identities (SSI)2:30 PM3:15 PMTechnical Presentation
4/18/24Data Acquisition beyond VSS3:15 PM3:45 PMTechnical PresentationCovesa AMM_Data Acquisition beyond VSS-James Hunt.pdf
4/18/24Payments Birds of A Feather Working Session3:15 PM4:00 PMBusiness Session, Working Session
4/18/24Data Expert Group Review and Wrap-Up4:00 PM5:00 PMWorking SessionDEG-Wrapup.pptxErik Jägervall, Bosch
4/18/24Payments - Birds of a Feather Working Session (Continued)4:00 PM5:00 PMBusiness Session, Working Session

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