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This page intends to contain the agenda for next meeting and notes from previous meeting. At the bottom is a template for the agenda. General agenda points like discussion on PRs and issues may be skipped if discussion on prioritized topics takes too long time.

General Agenda

  • Welcome and Compliance statement

Welcome to the COVESA Common Vehicle Interfaces Meeting!

Before we begin, we would like to make clear that COVESA is committed to compliance with the antitrust laws in all of its activities, and that it expects all participants to similarly comply with the antitrust laws.  We will not engage in--and members must refrain from--any discussion of, or understandings regarding competitively sensitive topics. If you have any doubts regarding whether a matter is appropriate for discussion, please consult with your antitrust counsel.

Open and Royalty-Free
Further, COVESA aspires to be an open and royalty-free organization. The discussions and contributions made during this session are governed by the COVESA Intellectual Property policy. If you are unfamiliar with that policy, please review it in detail prior to making any contribution that reads upon a patent.

  • Agenda discussion - anything that needs to be added?
  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Capabilities
    • IFEX
    • uServices
    • DDS
    • VISS
    • Vehicle API 
  • Prioritized topics for next meeting

Meeting notes  2023-09-05

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Discussed How to handle this Common Vehicle Interfaces meeting.  Agreed to start listing service capabilities.
    • Action Item: Halim Ragab to start a Capabilities page and Usecases page
    •  AMM:
      • Block out time for discussions
      • Discuss Use cases, why common vehicle interfaces matter?
        • Integrating with the vehicle 
        • Mapping to VHAL
      • Capabilities
      • Meet with Google to discuss integration via common interfaces/services
        • Create good example and present prior to AMM

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