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This page intends to contain the agenda for next meeting and notes from previous meeting. 

General Agenda

  • Welcome and Compliance statement

Welcome to the COVESA Common Vehicle Interfaces Meeting!

Before we begin, we would like to make clear that COVESA is committed to compliance with the antitrust laws in all of its activities, and that it expects all participants to similarly comply with the antitrust laws.  We will not engage in--and members must refrain from--any discussion of, or understandings regarding competitively sensitive topics. If you have any doubts regarding whether a matter is appropriate for discussion, please consult with your antitrust counsel.

Open and Royalty-Free
Further, COVESA aspires to be an open and royalty-free organization. The discussions and contributions made during this session are governed by the COVESA Intellectual Property policy. If you are unfamiliar with that policy, please review it in detail prior to making any contribution that reads upon a patent.

Agenda discussion - anything that needs to be added?

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Capabilities - create a list of common vehicle capabilities/function to be expose via api
    • IFEX (Interface Exchange) - a general interface description and transformation technology 
    • uServices - definition of common vehicle services usimg protobuf as the interface definition language
    • Vehicle Signal Specification over Data Distributiion Service 
    • Vehical Information Service Specification (VISS) -  a service for accessing vehicle information, signals from sensors on control units within a vehicle's network. It exposes this information using COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS).
    • Vehicle API - will expose vehicle data as defined and described by COVESA's Vehicle Signal Specification to a  variety of agreed upon touch-points in and out of the vehicle
    • Hierarchical Information Model (HIM)
    • Interface Blueprint

Agenda 2024-07-10

  • API Standardization Discussion
  • vsomeip status
  • IFEX
    • dbus code generator used but having compilation issues
    • positive movement in getting other implementations out (e.g. impl in golang, web visualizer).  Not official but can take time.
      • useful for those wanting to take part in other development
    • push further in commercial vehicle space
    • pitch topic for AMM
  • AMM

Agenda 2024-06-25

  • API Standardization Presentation
  • vsomeip
  • VISS
    • 3 document structure agreed
    • Continuing to present to others
    • Opportunity to connect projects
    • Approach your company's representative for details of how to move forward
  • IFEX
    • releases can be done more easily with json schema
    • overall documentation work
    • Encourage input from others
  • API Standardization
    • Presentation by Achim Henkel Bosch

Agenda 2024-06-18

  • IFEX
  • CVIS
  • Commercial Vehicle 
  • vsomeip
  • AOSP Update
    • Boot camp last week.  Public announcements when available shoudl make it clear
    • Emulator SDK overview from SNAPP 

Agenda 2024-06-11

  • CDSP
  • vsomeip
    • vsomeip_py project public as of 2024-06-10
    • Meeting next Monday at 16:00 CET / 10am ET / 7am PT
    • working on bringing project charter forward
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • presenting proposed charter to Board tomorrow
  • IFEX
    • pull requests 
    • hope to deliver web visualizer
    • Encourage to look at aasig repos
    • mapping VSS to VHAL

Agenda  2024-06-04

  • Swen's HLAPI proposal
  • IFEX Update
    • Pull request walkthrough
  • Commercial Vehicle Information specifications
    • Kickoff meeting yesterday
    • Next meeting on 6/17
  • Central Data Services Playground
    • GM (Halim) to discuss integrating emulator/mocker in meeting tomorrow (6/5)
    • 0.1.0 released
    • BMW work in progress pull request for knowledge layer connector

Agenda  2024-05-28

  • Update Swen's proposal
    • Swen to start project 
      • proposal
      • call for collaboration
      • collect requirements
      • Show relationship to current work
      • Show relationship to work in other organizations
  • IFEX update
  • Commercial Vehicle Interface Specifications
    • First meeting June 3 7am PT / 4pm CET
  • AUTOSAR Update
  • Project naming/acronyms
    • Trying to avoid naming/acronym collions/overloading
    • Suggested Commercial Fleet Interface Specifications
  • Events on and layering on VSS

Agenda  2024-05-21

  • Presentation from @Swen Schisler
    • Re-address/re-evaluate C&CS and look at bigger picture
    • Review existing material
    • How to start/renew?
    • Important to consider naming and branding (e.g. Common Vehicle Interfaces vs Commercial Vehicle Information Specification)
    • What are the desired outputs 
      • Tech stack one leg of the output
      • Architecture
      • Requirements
    • Disconnected projects not ideal
    • Many ecosystems involved
    • Should express the requirements
    • Action Item:  Continue to review what has been done - concrete to carry forward
    • Action Item:  Find someone willing to lead - Swen
    • Action Item:  Call for participation 
    • Action Item: Provide context and map existing projects to it
  • AUTOSAR update
  • IFEX
    • Cleaning up and refactoring
  • Commercial Vehicle Information Specifications
    • reviews by Commercial Vehicle BoF and Data Expert Group Chairs
    • Planned meeting on June 3

Agenda  2024-05-14

  • Presentation from @Swen Schisler
    • Project proposal next week
  • IFEX 
  • HIM and Commercial Vehicles - review scheduled 
  • VISS
    • FIrst meeting was held on Monday
  • Connected Safety
    • Status
  • Payment 
    • Status
  • IFEX
    • TOX tool being used.
  • CDSP
    • Remotive labs merged

Agenda  2024-05-07

  • Presentation from @Swen Schisler
  • Project Updates
    • VISS - will meet on Mondays at 4pm CET starting May 13.
    • HIM and Commercial Vehicles - proposal submitted for review
    • IFEX - 
      • Versioning reviewed - all backward compatible currently
      • Leverage internal work done with Thrift perhaps
      • Interested in furthering work with AUTOSAR Automotive API
      • Cleaning up and improving quality
    • CDSP 
      • RemotiveLabs feeder
      • Knowledge Layer connector 
      • Action Item:  Request for use cases - please provide if you have ideas
    • Website - will go live - please review
    • AOSP
      • Push Notification 
      • Ambient Lighting
        • To drive interfaces, emulator, playground
      • Entertainment
      • Payments
      • VHAL 
      • Camera API - mentioned in AOSP group again

Agenda  2024-04-30

  • Presentation from @Swen Schisler
  • Project Updates
    • VISS - will meet on Mondays at 4pm CET starting May 13.
    • HIM and Commercial Vehicles
      • Evaluate if VSS works  or new trees for Commercial Trailers
      • Align with current VSS contributors
    • IFEX 
      • Clear versioning
      • CI work 
      • Protobuf
      • Interface and layering

Agenda  2024-03-26

  • IFEX 
    • Ready to announce move to COVESA next week
  • uServices
    • How do we reuse this of definitions?  Interface behavior?  Logic?

Agenda  2024-03-19

Agenda  2024-03-12

  • Contribute Commodity Catalog Call for Submission
    • Start with submissions on seating, cabin climate from BMW, Mercedes, Ford, GM
  • Stronger Agenda - Potential Comments
    • Signal discovery at interface level 
    • Blueprints
      • e.g. Errors. Ford has common errors
    • Commodity Service
      • never compared to VHAL
        • BMW - Connected VHAL properties 
        • Start with Seating and HVAC
        • Action Item:  Provide Seating HVAC - Try to get Seating capabilities
        • Ping Gunnar about commits
        • Getting this offline and readiness
    • IFEX - Overlay for AUTOSAR  for ARXML  VHAL/SOMEIP
    • HIM Rule set
    • User Identity
      • ActionItem:  What work can we work on as a group, key fob related to vehicle signals and how related to user identity
      • Extension for key fob on VSS
    • Authentication
    • Some requests have OBD / Emmisions regulations
      • How is this handled in VISS and Kuksa
    • Very specific topics like IFEX <> uServices
  • Backlog in GitHub

Agenda  2024-02-27

Agenda  2024-02-20

  • blueprint brainstorm
    • Paul to post a start
    • Automotive WG closed
    • create repos in COVESA and move from w3c
    • Names spec (VISS) and implementation (VISS-)
    • use respec for spec
  • AMM
    • VISS presentations/sessions
    • VISS overview, status, announcement

Agenda  2024-02-13

  • Licensing meeting this week with AUTOSAR - Discussion
  • Blueprint brainstorm

Agenda  2024-02-06

  • Licensing meeting this week with AUTOSAR
  • VISS in progress of moving to COVESA
  • IFEX and uServices 
  • Blueprint Patterns
    • Discovery Patterns
    • Notification
    • Request Response
    • Configurability
    • Ease of Use
    • Level of API - 3rd party app, lower level SDV, or...
  • Next Week - Brainstorm Blueprints
    • Share Common Pain Points

Agenda  2024-01-30

  • Licensing meeting this week with AUTOSAR
  • VISS in progress of moving to COVESA
  • IFEX and uServices 

Agenda  2024-01-23

  • IFEX and uServices - synch status
    • Protobuf "option" meaning discussed - it is used for configuration parameters that modify the behavior of the interface.  Need to determine how this will manifest in IFEX.
  • VISSv2
    • Paul Boyes to setup meeting regarding mechanical transfer to COVESA
  • ARXML License Discussion

Agenda  2024-01-16

  • Digital key - Ted
  • IFEX and uservices - synch meeting - 
  • Ted Guild Start topic of identity in  CVI - Ted Guild Erik Jaegervall Halim Ragab  to bring initial use cases forward Gunnar Andersson happy to support if needed in IFEX
  • Halim Ragab IFEX to/from uservices and IFEX to/from someip
  • Adnan Bekan Android and Apple APIs - extract all functions an list for discussion
  • Paul Boyes to arrange for moving VISS to COVESA
    • @remotive labs working on feeder opportunity for work
    • identify shared work in VISS
  • Playground forming container with VISS
    • Mongo adding Realm
    • BMW working on knowledge layer
  • Scoping catalog work
  • blueprints look at existing initiatives
  • Identity - 

Agenda  2023-11-28

Prioritized Topics:

  • Capability Lists Review
  • IFEX and uservices
  • ACTION ITEM: Adnan Bekan   Look at Android 14 - Vehicle Attributes and APIs for capabilities (Seats, Steering Wheel....) Link
  • ACTION ITEM:  Melissa Morris Melissa to do the exact same thing for Seats as HVAC - Week of Dec 5
  • ACTION ITEM:  @everyone VSS and IFEX discussion read doc
  • ACTION ITEM:  @everyone Review capabilities outlined in uservices
  • Goal:  Gunnar Andersson , Paul Boyes , @everyoneAgreed common/computable representation/description of common capabilities at a logical level
    • Is IFEX mature enough to define common capabilities
    • Attempt to define HVAC interfaces in IFEX 
  • Domain Priority
    • HVAC
    • Seats
  • Playground: @everyone - Provide examples of what is needed input in Playground.  What examples would be useful?  What is the goal of that example?
    • Try it out and get involved.
  • What representation? Why? Show a reference implementation on Playground

Agenda  2023-11-21

Prioritized Topics:

  • Capability Lists Review
  • IFEX and uservices
  • ACTION ITEM:  Melissa to do the exact same thing for Seats as HVAC - Week of Dec 5
  • ACTION ITEM:  VSS and IFEX discussion read doc
  • ACTION ITEM:  Review capabilities outlined in uservices

Agenda  2023-11-14

Prioritized Topics:

  • Capability Lists Review

Meeting notes  2023-11-7

Meeting notes  2023-10-24

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Gunnar looking at converting uServices
    • Blueprints
      • Looked at https://apiblueprint.org/
      • uServices - look to extract patterns, look at options when Halim back
        • business logic separated from deployment
        • Number of rows... Number of seat rows?  Constant or set at design 
    • Ford - Meet Shareef/Ford at Nov 7 during regularly scheduled meeting

Meeting notes  2023-10-24

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Blueprint
    • Ford - Meet with on Nov 2
      • Blueprint
      • Catalog/Capabilities
      • Meet Nov 2 from 9-10am ET
    • BMW to provide feedback on IFEX
    • Apple
      • Can we get API documentation from Apple?
      • AI:  Halim and Adnan to work internally
    • Google
      • Followed up 
      • We need to get back to them when we have something
    • Automotive API (formerly Vehicle API)

Meeting notes  2023-10-17

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • AMM Review

  • Agenda discussion - anything that needs to be added?
  • AMM review
    • Define scope of each project,
    • project interconnectivity/interplay
    • Participants
    • Action:  Paul to start the above
    • Action:  Ford to find rep
    • Action:  Reach out to Honda
    • Action:  Reach out to Hyundai
    • Proposed:  once a month Asia friendly model.  Do more discussions in writng.  Slack, GitHub, Wiki...
    • Direct contribution needed
    • IFEX looking at translation to uServices and vice versa
    • Action:  GM to meet with Mbitiion re IFEX
    • Catalog → OpenAPI and/or uServices and/or IFEX or HIM
      • Simple easy to follow.  Guidance to follow.  How to document?
    • Blueprint for how API's should be described
      • How granular?
      • Governance
      • Action:  Get Google documentation
      • Coherency, safety security, performance, access control
      • Action:  Start outline 

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Capabilities
    • IFEX
    • uServices
    • DDS
    • VISS
    • HIM
    • Vehicle API 
  • Prioritized topics for next meeting

Meeting notes  2023-09-05

  • Prioritized Topics:
    • Discussed How to handle this Common Vehicle Interfaces meeting.  Agreed to start listing service capabilities.
    • Action Item: Halim Ragab to start a Capabilities page and Usecases page
    •  AMM:
      • Block out time for discussions
      • Discuss Use cases, why common vehicle interfaces matter?
        • Integrating with the vehicle 
        • Mapping to VHAL
      • Capabilities
      • Meet with Google to discuss integration via common interfaces/services
        • Create good example and present prior to AMM

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