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Next Meeting: 16 December 2022

Next Milestone:  Draft Legal and Technical Charters Completed, 16 December 2022


As part of their recently announced collaboration COVESA and AUTOSAR are leveraging their respective strengths to collaboratively create an open Vehicle API.  This Vehicle API will expose vehicle data as defined and described by COVESA's Vehicle Signal Specification to a  variety of agreed upon touch-points in and out of the vehicle (see Touchpoints below).    The plan is to provide access to this vehicle data through an extensible plugin architecture that will support a variety of well known protocols and an open license model
(see Extensible Plugin Architecture below). 



Extensible Plugin Architecture


Source for Above Diagram


October 2022 All Member Meeting Presentation

April 2022 All Member Meeting Presentation

Working Model

COVESA and AUTOSAR have agreed to create/charter two teams, guided by a joint Steering Body comprised of AUTOSAR and COVESA Board Members, to work towards the Vehicle API:  Vehicle API Legal and Vehicle API Technical.

Vehicle API Legal

The Vehicle API Legal team will address Intellectual Property Rights and licensing.  

Working draft charter is here

Vehicle API Technical

The Vehicle API Technical team will define the Vehicle API.

Working draft charter is here.

COVESA Internal Meetings

Meeting notes from internal meetings could be found here

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