Colleagues and friends ask, every year, “What was the most interesting thing you saw at CES this year?”  Some years it can be a challenge to answer, since there are so many cool and interesting things shown at CES.  This year it was very clear.  The most interesting thing I saw at CES was the growing adoption and awareness of COVESA’s Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS). VSS is a common data model used in and out of the vehicle to enable, facilitate, speed and scale of development of applications and services across OEM vehicle models, between OEMs, and third-party ecosystems. In the vehicle, data is typically mapped to VSS as close to the source as possible. It is also used in the cloud. This data is exposed by platforms to be used in services, applications, analytics, machine learning, digital twins, and simulations.

Not only are companies adopting VSS, but they have sincere interest in collaboration to improve, mature and grow its usefulness.   

Member companies that showcased their VSS implementations on the show floor at CES:

  • RTI Connext - Data-centric communications framework
  • Sonatus - In-vehicle infrastructure and data management solutions

Other companies that showcased their VSS implementations on the show floor at CES:

There were many others interested in and using VSS and areas where VSS is a clear fit for larger adoption (e.g., Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging).

For more information about VSS can be found here and if interested in learning more, please contact me.  We welcome your active participation in VSS-related activities and here’s to further adoption and maturation of VSS in 2023!  

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