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Tech Stack overview 

B) What, in your view, are acceptable choices (and preferred choices)
 for programming languages and runtimes:
  - In-cloud
  - In-vehicle

Today's ECUsNext-stage ECUs (domain controllers, central computers)Cloud (computers not in-vehicle)Development tools, code-generators, converters etc.

"Vehicle cloud computing"

(think about next-next gen)






Javascript / NodeJS


.NET, C#, ...

Haskell, Erlang, ...

C) In existing architecture pictures (e.g. CCS), and framework implementations (e.g. iot-event-analytics/vehicle-edge/KUKSA.val, AOS) which interfaces:

  - are documented ?
  - need to be documented ?
  - do NOT need to be documented (= internal / implementation detail) ?

Inspiration from these architecture pictures and other pages:

Completion of technology definition / implementation
Component NameProgramming language / runtimeRequired/consumed interfacesProvided Interfaces
Kuksa.VAL:PythonUses various bindings, socketCAN, ...
VISS-like interface also for writing data into KUKSA?
VISS protocol(?)
VSS Feeder (multiple)
= StateStorage db interfacedepends on input type (CAN, etc.)
State StorageSQLite database-SQL
OVDS Client (ccs client)
GoVISS protocol
OVDS Server
Go= StateStorage db interface

(CCS): LiveSim
GoData in OVDS Database format
WAII:Service ManagerGo(internal)(internal)
WAII:Server CoreGo(internal)(internal)
WAII:AGTGo-(internal)  HTTP?
WAII:ATGo-(internal)  HTTP?
WAII:MQTTGo(internal, VISS-like communication)-
WAII:WebSocketGo(internal, VISS-like communication)-
WAII:HTTPGo(internal, VISS-like communication)-
OVDS DatabaseSQLite.  Probably should be production-level time series database