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  6. Recent IVP Workshop Recordings from May 6, 2021 AMM
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Project Overview

Vehicle-related commerce is a growing topic of major interest with drivers, OEMs, Tier 1, payment companies, and merchants alike. Development teams from payment technology service providers, merchants, OEM’s, and Tier 1’s need to engage and collaborate to enable a safe and secure transaction experience for the end customer (the driver). The focus of the IVP SIG will be to provide a foundation of knowledge and access to the established ecosystems of automotive, payments, and retail.

  1. Provide a forum for automotive, payments, and retail to understand and develop requirements to enable commerce in the vehicle in a convenient and safe manner in the vehicle.
  2. Define and establish potential projects that mutually benefit and advance the acceptance of in-vehicle payment applications.
  3. Identify and define projects that would advance the standardization of specifications and requirements for in-vehicle payments for all interested industries.
  4. Facilitate and provide a unified industry representation of automaker needs with payments regulatory bodies.

SIG Activity

  • Jan 8,  2020 - GEVINI - In-Vehicle Payment - Special Interest Group (SIG) Planning Meeting CES
  • May 12,  2020 - GENIVI Virtual Tech Summit
  • May 2020 - October 2020 - Numerous Zoom calls and meetings with leading organizations globally representing the IVP ecosystem.  Discussions were inclusive of the formation and purpose of the IVP SIG, the payment industry needs, and possible collaborative contributions of each SIG participant.  Discussions with a number of organizations also included exploring interests related to EV Charging, standards, and regulations which could lead to individual defined project initiatives. 
  • October 26, 2020 - GENIVI "Virtual Experience" All Member Meeting IVP Recorded Sessions
  • February 25th  2021 - GENIVI IVP and EV Charging Collaboration Workshop (scroll down a few sections to GENIVI IVP Workshop to see details and registration information)
  • May 4-7th 2021 - GENIVI Virtual AMM (All Member Meeting) with IVP & EV Charging panels and workshop discussions (see recordings below)
  • June 8-10th 2021 - GENIVI at TU Automotive FOCUS Vehicle Commerce Conference (scroll down to upcoming events to view registration link with GENIVI discount code)

Proposed Areas of Project Focus

  1. Payments Ecosystem Networking, IVP State of the Union
  2. EV Charging Payments
  3. Data, ID, and Security
    • Device and Systems
    • Cross-functional requirements for data and ID
  4. Regional Issues
    • Europe, PSD2, and SCA
    • US
    • China
    • India


GENIVI IVP SIG is currently seeking participant companies to get involved with developing the specifications and requirements of IVP for the automotive industry. Participants can include but are not limited to:

  • OEMs
  • Tier 1, 2
  • Software Developers
  • Startups
  • Content and Entertainment
  • Merchants / Services
  • Issuing Banks
  • Acquiring Banks
  • Card Brands
  • Payfacs, Processors, and Gateways
  • Fintech Companies
  • Standards Organizations (EMVco, FIDO, PCI Counsel)
  • Compliance and Regulating Bodies

IVP SIG Mailing List Sign Up

To sign up for the IVP mailing list and receive notifications for GENIVI IVP related events including IVP Workshops, please    CLICK HERE 

Recent GENIVI May 6, 2021 In-Vehicle Payment (IVP) Workshop Recordings 

In-Vehicle Payment SIG Workshop

Introduction and Overview

Speaker: John Moon- COO at ConnectedTravel and GENIVI IVP/EV SIG Lead

Abstract: Welcome everyone, Update on the IVP SIG, Report on related upcoming events

Recorded SessionGENIVI AMM IVP SIG Slides

EV and Fuel Transactions 

Speaker: Will Judge, VP at Mastercard

Abstract: Mastercard has been a leader in connected car commerce and has been engaged with the merchant and automotive companies including GM, HERE, Honda, Soundhound, Sonic, and White Castle. Hear about Mastercard’s latest work in connected car and fuel transactions and learn about how they are thinking about EV payments.

Recorded SessionMastercard Ryd Pay.pdf

Challenges and Opportunities in EV Charging Payments 

Speakers: Niclas Gyllenram, Director of Software Development at Volvo, and Will Judge VP at Mastercard

EV growth will introduce new first-time drivers to electric cars and along with it the task of educating customers on what it means to own an electric car. Paying to charge the car when away from home is becoming a growing complexity for new EV owners compared to the convenience of fueling at a gas station. Join us for a fireside chat with Volvo and Mastercard as they discuss their views on the challenges and opportunities OEMs face with customers paying for EV charging.

Recorded SessionNo slides for this session

Vehicle location-based services (VLBS) at Scale

Speaker: Evgeny Klochikhin, CEO at Sheeva.AI 

Abstract: Enabling Location-Based Services for Cars to monetize in-vehicle connectivity – Sheeva.AI will present a case study on the first autonomous, cloud-based VLBS solution enabling automatic, contactless payments and last-mile services for EV charging, fueling, road-usage charging, parking, and other critical applications without new physical infrastructure or hardware installed inside connected vehicles.

Recorded Session

Challenges for Compliant In-Car Payments in Europe

Speaker: Jakob Gajdzik, Product Owner eCommerce Digital Transactions at BMW

Abstract: As an OEM, there are a series of questions to consider even before in-car payment can be designed technically. Regulations such as PSD2, authentication methods, available standards, and payment process constraints need to be considered. Join us on our road towards compliant in-car payments.

Video not available

Automating Fleet Payments

Speaker: Khalid Elawady, Chief Product Officer at CarIQ

Abstract: Fleet administrators know that monitoring, verifying, and reconciling payments related to operating a vehicle is a time-consuming necessity. Machine banking allows cars to connect directly with merchants to transact for any type of service and addresses these needs and more.

Recorded Session

The EV Charging Ecosystem: Building Out EV Infrastructure 

  • Moderator - John Moon (Connected Travel)
  • Honda - Boris Polania (Lead Architect)
  • Tritium - Julian Lile (Manager of Automotive OEM & Fleet)
  • Arrive - Ed Lewis (Senior Vice President
  • Sygic - Giles Shrimpton, (Managing Director Automotive and eMobility)

Abstract: OEM's, municipalities, and governments globally are committing to the growth of EVs, leading to the need to rapidly develop and deploy supporting infrastructure to meet the demands of consumers. This new demand presents an opportunity, but also requires, OEMs, suppliers, service providers, and municipalities to collaborate to deploy services to new customers. Our panelist will share their perspective on how they see the ecosystem working together and the challenges they face in this developing market.

Recorded VideoNo slides for this session

Downloadable Assets (recorded sessions & workshops)


May 6, 2021 - GENIVI IVP & EV Charging Workshop Plus all other All Member Meeting Session Recordings


White papers

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Resource articles

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IVP Meeting Minutes

(Note: This section will be used to store IVP monthly meeting minutes upon initial IVP/EV project launches in 2nd half of 2021)

Contact Leads and to Learn More

John Moon -  IVP Special Interest Group Lead

Mike Nunnery – (a.k.a. GENIVI Mike) GENIVI Marketing Executive 

TU Automotive IVP Survey (open NOW for your input) 

Recent and Upcoming Events

IVP Collaborative Workshops, IVP related webinars, and round tables (virtual)

(February 25, 2021) GENIVI IVP Collaboration Workshop

(REGISTER NOW) - To register for the event please visit:   passcode is   “collaboration”