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  • Bi-weekly new time slot at 1pm (Germany), 7am (Detroit), 9pm (Tokyo), 4am (Los Angeles) to enable Honda to participate
    → Works for everyone?
    • No Concerns from the group.
  • BMW push notifications update
    • Maxi shared a presentation
  • Hyundai Mobis push notifications update
    • Umang shared a presentation:
    • Chairs to have a follow up meeting to bring Hyundai Mobis up to speed.
  • January: Push notifications workshop
    → Enable OEMs to bring in experts
    • Looking for feedback from the group in the next meeting
  • Newcomers updates
  • Exploring synergies with in-vehicle payment group
  • Are there round table discussions discussion points?
    • Mercedes/Max to provide an update in the next meeting.

13th November 2023

Today's meeting is cancelled.