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▶︎ Data Models and Ontologies
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology (VSSo) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Architecture and Infrastructure
▶︎ Interface Definition
     ▷ Vehicle API
     ▷ Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC)
     ▷ Vehicle Information Service Specification (VISS) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Best Practices
     ▷ Governance
     ▷ Privacy and Identity
     ▷ Data Model Definition
     ▷ API First
Data Expert Group Workshop 2023Q1

Electric Vehicle Charging Expert Group
▶︎ EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project
▶︎ EV Optimization - Increase Travel Range for Fixed Battery

Android™ Automotive SIG
▶︎ Android Automotive White Label App Store

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  • 2019 Connect2Car Panel Discussions at CES

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At CES 2019, GENIVI, SAE, SEMA and Mobile Electronics partnered to present a full-day "Connect2Car” conference.  The first session, “Connecting the Autonomous World” with 440 in attendance (standing room only) setting the pace for the day where a new record in overall attendance was established with over 1,400 attending the sessions below (recordings for each session are provided below).

"Connecting the Autonomous World" 

In the future, transportation will be autonomous. No doubt that the technology deployment can be accelerated, but it will require constant communication to networks around the AVs and to the cloud.  Data exchange and standards are critical. We’ll discuss numerous areas that the connected ecosystem will need to collaborate on.

Moderator:  Matt Jones (VP of Software and Mobility)


  • Anuja Sonalker, Founder & CEO of Steer
  • Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of Los Angeles DOT
  • Michael Ger, General Manager, Automotive and Manufacturing Solutions at Hortonworks
  • Gretchen Effgen, VP of Global Partnerships at APTIV
  • Crystal Rutland, CEO of Particle Design

"The Future of In-Vehicle Infotainment"

Imagine if the automotive and broadcast industries collaborated on product design. Imagine if broadcast and automotive industries could deliver even greater value to their customers. Imagine what the world looks like when humans no longer drive. Imagine if. We invite you to imagine the future of in-vehicle entertainment with us.

Moderator:  John Ellis (Founder at Ellis and Associates)


  • Caroline Beasley, CEO at Beasley Media Group
  • Stephanie Marshall, Executive at M2 Advisors
  • Steve Newberry, EVP at National Association of Broadcasters (alternatives include Stephanie Marshall – NAB; BJ Corriveau – NAB
  • Joseph D'Angelo, SVP Broadcast Radio atXperi
  • Ben Rosenberg, Senior Distribution Manager at BBC

“Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence”

Data drives the business.  What pieces of data make a difference in today’s environment?  How will we learn what the important pieces are to base our decisions?  Do we really need all the data?  Or, are we smart enough to know how to choose just the right pieces? 

Moderator:  Faye Francy, Executive Director at Automotive ISAC


  • Gil Reiter, VP Product Management and Marketing at Saferide Technologies
  • Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive at NVIDIA
  • Ami Dotan, CEO at Karamba Security
  • Seamus Hatch, Board Member & CMO at Invision AI
  • Andrew Till, VP of Technology and Marketing at Harman

“Wireless: DSRC/5G, Bluetooth, WiFi”

From Gigabytes to Terabytes, wireless technologies are transforming cars into fully connected and eventually automated devices.  With as many as five SIM cards in a vehicle how much data will be transmitted? Are there any limitations?  How big of a role will the IoT play in the development?

Moderator:  Roger Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility at Strategy Analytics


  • Sara Carlson, Partner Connected Car GMT Leader at IBM
  • Jason Ellis, Director of Automotive at Qualcomm
  • Emily Soelberg, VP Product ManagementandChannel Enablement - IoT at AT&T
  • Andrew Till, VP Marketing andTechnoogyat Harman/Samsung
  • Andreas Mai, EVP at Keolis Mobility

“Government vs OEM Development”

How are government and the auto industry working together to make automated vehicles a reality?  What about the Insurance, Legal, Public Relations battles of autonomous and automated accidents?  Who’s responsible?  How do we overcome fatal accidents in the development of automated and autonomous vehicles? What needs to happen?

Moderator:  Suzanne Murtha, National Lead for Automated and Connected Technologies at AECOM


  • Jessica Uguccioni, Lead Law Maker at Law Commission of UK & Wales
  • John Bozzella, President and CEO of Global Automakers
  • Tina Quigley, General Manager  at RTC in Nevada
  • Andrew Heath, State Traffic Engineer at the State of Georgia
  • Kirk Steudle, Senior VP at Econolite
  • Jessica Uguccioni, Law Commission of England and Wales
  • Regina Hopper, SVP at GRIDSMART (cancelled appearance)

“Connected, Assisted and Automated”

Safety performance technology has come a long way and is an emerging market for global ADAS products and features that offer consumers customized and personalized experiences for connected, assisted an automated driving, as well as providing improved safety for everyone.

Moderator:  Chris Cook, President at MEA


  • Bobby Hambrick, Founder at AutonomouStuff
  • George Hotz,  Head of Research at
  • Mouse McCoy, CEO at HackRod
  • Jennifer Dukarski, Shareholder and Leader, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Group at Butzel Long
  • Carla Bailo, President & CEO at CAR
  • Bobby Hambrick, founder, and CEO of Autonomous Stuff
  • John Waraniak, VP of Vehicle Technology at SEMA

Photos taken during the Connect2Car CES 2019 event can be viewed here.

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