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  • Identify areas where the COVESA Community is interested in collaborating around SDV Telemetry


Paul Boyes Presented the Member Activity Launch Process followed by SDV Telemetry Projects current and potential future Timeline

Unknown User (maarten.koning@windriver.com) Presented Software Defined Vehicle Project

  • It was agree that SDV Telemetry is a very important topic with little overlap from other "projects" with other standards development organizations or alliances.  
  • As it is such a large topic specific use cases need to be considered for scope
  • Should look to Fusion Project for examples.  (MQTT)
  • Should use components and formats from existing projects as much as possible:  Open Telemetry, Minify...  See where we have gaps.  Do not reinvent standards.
  • Depending on paradigm could lead to lots of inpervasive instrumented code.  It was generally agreed we should stay away from that initially.
  • Perhaps start with general operational OEM data.
  • Should look at relation to VSS
  • Should use Open Source end to end.
  • Look at OTA from Esync alliance to see how it fits
  • There is a breadth of networking that could be used.

Next Steps

  • Have bi-weekly meeting - next meeting March 14 at 8am PST focus on use cases.  Potential presentation of the Fusion Project.
  • Broaden the conversation to more organizations and people

Action Items

  • Everyone - Bring 1 potential use case and be ready to discuss.  
  • Everyone - Identify potential Open Source components and standards thinking in terms of overall architecture.  Let's start a page on these.  
  • Paul Boyes and Unknown User (maarten.koning@windriver.com) drive discussion of identified use cases with more detail. 
  • Brian Carlson - Present Fusion Project(???)
  • Thomas Spreckley - Present OpenTelemetry (???)