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Data Expert Group
▶︎ Data Models and Ontologies
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology (VSSo) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Architecture and Infrastructure
▶︎ Interface Definition
     ▷ Vehicle API
     ▷ Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC)
     ▷ Vehicle Information Service Specification (VISS) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Best Practices
     ▷ Governance
     ▷ Privacy and Identity
     ▷ Data Model Definition
     ▷ API First
Data Expert Group Workshop 2023Q1

Electric Vehicle Charging Expert Group
▶︎ EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project
▶︎ EV Optimization - Increase Travel Range for Fixed Battery

Android™ Automotive SIG
▶︎ Android Automotive White Label App Store

Security Team

Simulation and Tooling

Vehicle Experience and Content - Entertainment BoF
▶︎ In-vehicle Payment SIG


Common Vehicle Interface Initiative

Cloud & Connected Services Project

SDV Telemetry Project - On Hold


Industry Events

Industry Events 2023


October 2022 All Member Meeting

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May 2020 Virtual Technical Summit

November 2019 Technical Summit

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  • CCS Components: State Storage Deep Dive

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CCS Components: State Storage Deep Dive Agenda

  • Timing
    • 15-20 min: Ulf Intro presentation on CSS Components: State Storage.
    • 40 min: reaction and building future plan
  • Technical API discussion
    • Design Issues in UIf's presentation
    • Review current State Storage component API
      • Anything to fix or extend?
      • Categorise in wider architecture:
        • In VSS Terminology State Storage is 'simple'. Is this component strong coupled (fit) for that use case and something else is needed for 'more powerful' or do we reuse/extend?
        • Simple vs powerful may have multiple dimensions: throughput, features (e.g. events), etc.
    • Related areas (likely will need their own Deep Dive sessions as too big a topic to conclude here)
      • Abstraction APIs
        • To Feeder, to Server
        • Requirements
          • Speed
            • Low vs medium vs high frequency
            • Native for high frequency?
        • Kuksa.val is also a target
      • Last value vs time series
        • VISS protocol has some TS query
          • 'History filtering'
          • Simple support for this in current WAII. Other process (e.g. comms) must tell WAII to start/stop recordering. Then VISS client (e.g. cloud) must detect vehicle became disconnected and query for missing data.
          • Kuksa currently has no TS
  • Date
    • Monday 23rd May 4pm CET.

  • Rough meeting notes:
    • Attendees: Ted Guild, Ulf, Paul, James Murphy, Florian Pinzel, Stephen, Jose Gomez
    • Presentation: COVESA AMM 2022 - State storage [PUB].pdf
      • Origin of component in CCS Project
      • Data structure
        • Actuator model encapsulated (abstracted) in State Storage component
        • VSS Path list
          • SQLite has manager to help create path list.
          • Redis has no need for path list.
      • Design Issues
        • Polling vs event notification
          • Ulf: looked into SQLite event framework but it didn't seem to fit the needs here. Not looked into Redit yet.
          • Discussion of requirements of slow to medium frequency data vs high frequency
    • Futures
      • Timeseries, event notification, app framework etc.
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