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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

TimeSession TitlePPT Slides linksVideo linksSpeakers/Company
13:00COVESA WelcomeSteve Crumb COVESA
13:15COVESA Member KeynoteCOVESA AMM President's Keynote - Matt JonesMatt Jones COVESA

OEMs Discuss the Future of Connected Vehicles

OEMs Discuss the Future of Connected VehiclesKatrin Matthes, Renault Group; Graham Smethurst, BMW; Matt Jones, Ford Motor Company
15:00Business Cases for Connected Vehicles1500_Day1_Business Cases for CV_final.pptxBusiness Cases for Connected VehiclesAnsgar Lindwedel, Robert Bosch GmbH, Pedro Pacheco, Gartner, Thomas Wurdig, Mercedes-Benz AG, and Christoph Ludewig, Geotab, Inc.

Future Business Models for Commercial Vehicles/Transportation Services

Future Business Models for Commercial Vehicles/Transportation ServicesTed Guild, Geotab, Inc. and Todd Offer, Irdeto
16:30COVESA Project Status and EngagementCOVESA Project Updates - Paul BoyesPaul Boyes, COVESA Community Director
17:00COVESA Marketing Team UpdateCOVESA Marketing Team Update - Brandy GoolsbyBrandy Goolsby, Wind River

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

TimeSession TitlePPT Slides linksVideo linksSpeakers/Company
09:00COVESA Board RoundtableN/ACOVESA Board RoundtableEileen Davidson, Ford Motor Company, Brandy Goolsby, Wind River, Gerald Spreitz, Robert Bosch GmbH
09:30A Regulatory Context for Vehicle DataJean-Francois Huere, ISO and Philippe Favreau, Renault Group
10:30Introduction to Vehicle Signal SpecificationCOVESA Intro to VSS_AMM2022 Final 3.pptxIntroduction to Vehicle Signal SpecificationThomas Spreckley, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Paul Boyes, COVESA Community Director
10:30Vehicle Services Catalog (Working Session)covesa_amm_2022_-_vsc.pptxWork shops were not  recordedTim Grieshammer, MBition GmbH

Unlocking the Future of Vehicle Services

(Video is poor quality, we apologize for this)

Unlocking the Future of Vehicle ServicesRichard Saaady, Ricardo, Dirk Slama, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Niclas Gyllenram, Aiden Automotive Technologies


VSS and VSS Ontology – Standardized Description of Vehicle Signals for Future Data-Driven Services2022_04_26_amm_vss_intro.drawio.pdfDaniel Wilms, BMW and Dr. Felix Lösch, Robert Bosch GmbH
11:10 User Experience in Connected Vehicles (Video is poor quality, we apologize for this)

Phillip Michel, Altia, 

Charly Lippoth, Cinemo, Daniel Haas and Violin Yanev, BMW Group, Klaus Gaßner, Paradox Cat GmbH

13:30Alignment Opportunities between AUTOSAR & COVESAAlignment Opportunities between AUTOSAR & COVESAMichael (Niklas) Niklas-Höret
14:15AASIG WorkshopNo slides available for this sessionAASIG Workshop VideoPiotr Krawczyk & Stefan Wysocki, TeitoEvry and Krill Skidanov, EPAM Systems
14:15digital.auto Introduction

14:45digital.auto Digital Exploration

15:30digital.auto Value Stream Management

16:00digital.auto Market Aspects, Value PropositionNot recorded


Android Automotive OS Problems & Opportunities

Android Automotive OS Opportunities & Problems - A DiscussionPiotr Krawzyk, TietoEvry Stefan Wysocki, TietoEvry Thomas Spreckley, Robert Bosch GmbH Paul Boyes, COVESA Community Director
16:30Software Defined Vehicle BoFSoftware Defined Vehicle BoFSteve Crumb

Thursday, April 28, 2022

TimeSession TitlePPT Slides linksVideo linksSpeakers/Company
9:00CVII Working Session - VSS and VSC Alignmentvss-disc.pdfCVII Working Session - VSS & VSC Alignment

Erik Jaegervall, Bosch

Tim Grieshammer, MBition GmbH

10:15CVII Working Session - VSS Layersvss-disc.pdf
Erik Jaegervall, Bosch
11:00CVII Working Session - VISS and W3C AlignmentCVII Working Session - VISS and W3C AlignmentTed Guild & Ulf 



CVII Working Session - Tech Stack (VSS Data Stores, Feeders and Servers)

CVII Tech Stack workshop (VSS data stores and servers).pdfNot recordedGuided by Stephen Lawrence, Renesas, CVII Tech Stack Lead


Wednesday, April 27, 2022 (IVP/EV Charging Track)

COVESA In-Vehicle Payment / EV Charging Workshop

Video Links

PPT Slides links


Introduction and Overview / Update from last AMM

  • John Moon - Wayray
John Moon,(COVESA IVP/EV SIG Lead)

Title: A Perfect Storm – Challenges Ahead for EV

Abstract: As the market and demand for electric vehicles is transforming OEMs, related industries and governments are seeing challenges and new opportunities to support and keep up with the rapid pace of change. Materials for batteries, lack of power infrastructure, needed platforms and systems for EV charging, legislation & regulations for EV infrastructure are some of the issues facing OEMs ability to deliver on the promise but where they do not directly make decisions. On one hand, no ONE entity can solve the problem by themselves, because these are all very fragmented industries, with no huge dominant global players, and on the other hand, the OEMs are used to owning/controlling their value chain and are still following that old model where they want to solve it by themselves. The ONLY way we can solve these problems is by finding technologies and business models that encourage and enable collaboration. Organizations such as COVESA have the potential to play an important role in incubating cross-company / industry initiatives to tie together vehicles, power grids, charging service providers, and payment solutions.

COVESA NiclasG_AMM2022.pptxNiclas Gyllernam, CEO @ Aiden

Title: Commerce for Connected Vehicles - A Paradigm Shift

Abstract: Don't just enable the eco-system, BE the eco-system and capture the greater sum of revenue with the same effort. Malik Velani, former Director, Global Business Development at Paypal and co-founder of Commerce orchestration startup, Preczn Inc discusses how OEM’s can take a fintech approach to monetizing payments for good & services related to the vehicle.

Malik Velani @ Preczn

Title:  The pains (and fixes) of Public Charging an EV in Europe and North America

Abstract:  There is no turning back the EV boom. In North America and Europe, both OEMs and governments are pushing for a switch to electric vehicles. Yet, charging these vehicles in public - a vital part of the user experience - is still unbelievably complicated. In this presentation, Adam will use 10+ years of experience in the EV industry to explore the changing needs of EV drivers as we transition from ‘pioneer’ to mass market, as well as the common pain points that the industry needs to solve. This includes finding a charging point, to ‘roaming’, to digital payments and the convergence of charging and parking.

Parkopedia Covesa.pdfAdam Woolway @ Parkopedia 

Title:  Enabling the global services marketplace with a single location-based API

Abstract:  Intuitive, easy, and secure in-vehicle payments present a huge opportunity for OEMs and service providers to offer a better, more convenient experience for their customers. However, to date there hasn’t been a “killer app” to make the adoption and continuous use of that functionality worth the effort for consumers to onboard, activate, and pay at scale using the vehicle. In this presentation, Dr. Evgeny Klochikhin, CEO of Sheeva.AI will discuss the evolving in-vehicle payments market, including advancements in promising geo-location technology to enable the vehicle-based digital wallet for tolling, fueling, EV charging, parking, curbside pickup, and drive-through. In addition, this novel technology can offer enhanced fleet and asset management applications and extra benefits for the ADAS systems. These applications can be the best approach to monetize in-vehicle connectivity with real-time customer value.

Sheeva COVESA Presentation 4-27-22.pptxEvgeny Klochikhin CEO @ Sheeva.ai

Title: (Panel) Global EV Growth - Building for the new EV demand

Abstract: The state of the EV charging has quite a few actors: OEMs, Tier 1 Suppliers, Power Utilities, Infrastructure Hardware Manufacturers, Charge Point Operators (CPO), and even Big Tech with fundamentally few standards beyond the hardware interfaces. Vertically integration OEMs (read Tesla) can create their own networks but that will create redundancy and would never create coverage at scale. Speakers will bring their industry background and expertise to this panel discussion  to discuss their views on the challenges, opportunities and solutions for OEMs and EV infrastructure suppliers.

No Slides just a panel talk

Moderator:  John Moon

    • Niclas Gyllernam, CEO, AIDEN
    • Adam Woolway - Head of EV, Parkopedia
    • Evgeny Klochikhin - CEO, Sheeva.AI

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday, April 28, 2022 - Virtual Cybersecurity Workshop

COVESA - Virtual Cybersecurity Workshop Track Video linksPPT Slides linksSpeakers

Title: GENIVI Security Team Overview:

Abstract:  COVESA's Automotive Cybersecurity team continues to lead and provide our membership and greater community with an overview of the cybersecurity team initiatives, how you and your organization can become engaged, and lastly what to look forward to in today's cybersecurity workshop track

Welcome-Joby- COVESA_Spring_AMM_cybersecurity.pptxJoby Jester, (COVESA Cybersecurity Team Lead/Capgemini)

Keynote Title:   Trust and Security of Software in Connected Vehicles

Abstract:  Code is new fuel for a modern car. It is more dependent on code than petrol. Nowadays, a car is powered by a network of 70 to 100 electronic car units (ECUs) which constantly communicate over Control Area Network (CAN). Indeed, it takes 100 million1 lines of code for a modern car to function, and it is expected to rise to 300 to 500 million. In contrast, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner runs on 12 million lines of code2.  

The complexity of software in a car and multi-tier supply chain have raised many challenges for quality, functionality and security testing. Moreover, WP.29 regulations by UNECE mandates frameworks essential for connected cars in the area of cyber security and software updates.    

asvin has designed and developed a novel solution to improve overall DevOps process integrity testing using the distributed and decentralized technologies. It consists of Distributed Software Bill of Materials (D-SBOM)4 and secure software supply chain services.

The D-SBOM service aims to pioneer creation of a list of software constituents, its storage and retrieval using the distributed ledger technology (DLT). Additionally, the objective of secure software supply chain services is to trace the track of software from its development to installation. Each event in the software lifecycle will be recorded on a distributed ledger.  

Both services will help in establishing an unbroken chain of ownership, software provenance, transparency, security, trust and integrity for DevOps process in automobile industry. A ledger is inherently immutable and secure. Therefore, the solution will strengthen and streamline the process of auditing and compliance adherence set by government and regulatory institutions.

Rohit-Bohara Trust and Security of Software in Connected Vehicles-COVESA22.pdfRohit Bohara - Asvin

Title:  VSS Meets NDN: Securing Vehicle Communications through Named Data Networking

Abstract:  The Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) is a standardized vehicle data specification that allows the automotive industry to use a common naming space for communication and abstract underlying vehicle implementation details. A standardized vehicle data specification, however, has significant additional benefits: it can enhance security and efficiency in vehicle communications when coupled with Named Data Networking (NDN) that communicates using names at the network layer rather than endpoint addresses. The use of names enables cryptographically binding content to unique names to build a strong security foundation by only allowing valid content to be delivered and enables efficient content delivery (both unicast and multicast) by allowing the network to locate the nearest source of the requested content and suppress duplicate requests and data. As implemented in NDN, standardized names result in far simpler application implementations by reducing communication complexity and eliminating all address allocation and management functions such as DNS.

Dr. Christos Papadopoulos - Professor, University of Memphis

Title:  Keep your vehicles safe by continuously managing the software vulnerabilities 

Abstract:  Fuzz Testing? Pen Testing? Vulnerability Scanning? Functional Testing? Verification Testing? Whether you're an automaker or supplier, you'll inevitably need to get comfortable with security testing as ISO/SAE 21434 permeates the automotive supply chain. In this talk, we'll walk through each type of testing to discuss what it is, why it's done, and when/how to do it. Finally, we'll end this talk with a few recommendations for ways you can get ahead of the curve and start thinking about automating cybersecurity testing for ISO/SAE 21434

Gilad Bandel (Cymotive Technologies)

Automotive Privacy Update for 2022

Abstract:  There is more data than ever being collected by the OEMs, Tier 1s, and Application and OS providers than ever. Who is responsible for the security and safety of this data? Opt-in or opt-out? Have a seat, grab your tinfoil hats, and listen in as our Security Team Chair, Joby Jester, and resident privacy expert, Jennifer Dukarski, discuss the automotive privacy landscape of 2022 including the biggest issues, regulations, and offer suggestions towards protecting the personal and confidential information on the vehicle.  

No Slides - Just Discussion

Joby Jester and Jennifer Dukarski - Butzel Long
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