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Tuesday, October 18, 2022


Session Title

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1:00COVESA WelcomeSteve Crumb, Executive Director, COVESA
1:15COVESA Member KeynoteMatt Jones, President, COVESA
1:45Understanding & Engaging in COVESA Expert Groups & ProjectsPaul Boyes, Community Director, COVESA
2:30Introduction to Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)Adnan Bekan, BMW Group
2:30Cybersecurity Process Management
Joby Jester, Capgemini Engineering
3:00When User Experience Meets Privacy: The Legal and Practical Implications of Competing Data-related Customer Needs.
Jennifer Dukarski, Butzel Long
3:45Introduction to Vehicle Services Catalog (VSC)Erik Jaegervall, Robert Bosch GmbH
3:45In-cabin Choreography: Designing the Ultimate IVEDan Cashen, Smart Cockpit, Soyeon Choi, General Motors, Steve Higgins, Google, Lincoln Merrihew, Pulse Labs
4:30Excitement & Challenges of Big Content in the Digitization of Vehicle Interiors.PanelDavid Acton, The-Transformation Network, Tobias Follner, Cinemo, Derek Sellin, Rightware, Michael Bilcher, MCBNetwrx
4:45EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project OverviewKarsten Kroebel, Ford-Werke GmbH, Achim Henkel, Robert Bosch GmbH, Dirk Slama, Robert Bosch GmbH, Matus Banyay, Ford Motore Company
5:15COVESA Call to Action
Steve Crumb, COVESA

Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Session Title

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9:00Welcome & COVESA IntroductionSteve Crumb, Executive Director, COVESA
9:05Data Expert Group KickoffData Expert Group Presentation AMM 2022-10 - Read-Only.pptxJoby Jester, Capgemini, Stephen Lawrence, Renesas, Adnan Bekan, BMW Group, Erick Jaegervall, Robert Bosch GmbH
9:15Challenges to Accelerating Deployment of Future Technology PlatformsSlides not availableLisa Drake, Ford Motor Company
9:45OEM Perspectives on Emerging Industry OpportunitiesPanel / no slides

Charlie Cross, Stellantis

Matt Jones, Ford Motor Company

Steve Crumb, Moderator

10:00Automatics Signal Matching for VSSPWinzell_Presentation-Ideas-for-vehicle-signal-set-matching_20220926.pptxPeter Winzell, Volvo Cars
10:45VISS Client
Ted Guild, GeoTab, Isaac Agudo Ruiz, University of Malaga
10:45The Software-Defined Automaker's Hierarchy of NeedsAlex Oyler, SBD Automotive
11:10Harmonization of VSS Behavior by CertificationDavid Matzek, BMW Group
11:15Changing Business Models and IP Rights for Tier 1 Suppliers

Yongbeom Lee, LG

Yansong Chen, Ricardo

Ken Yaguchi, DENSO 

11:15VSS Working Session - Best Practices for Customizing VSS

Erik Jaegervall

Adnan Bekan

1:30 PMInfluencers to Future Automotive SiliconPanel / no slides

Matt Jons, Ford Motor Company

Daniel Sisco, Renesas 

1:30 PMDeep Dive into VSS Implementation - AWS Fleetwise

Bhutan Ramnani,  AWS

Krishna Koppolu, AWS

1:30 PMData Security and Privacy Working SessionData_Experts_Security.pptxJoby Jester, Capgemini
2:00 PMTackling the multi-faceted digital transformation of the software defined vehiclePanel / no slides

Dirk Slama, Robert Bosch GmbH

Alex Tyler, SBD Automotive

Keefe Leung, Airbiquity

Avijit Sinha, Wind River

2:15 PMHyundai Case Study: Vehicle Data Architecture for Connected Car Services at Hyundai Motor CompanySeungjae Lee, Hyundai Motor Company
3:00 PMWhat the Automotive Industry Needs from CloudPanel / no slides

Manohar Chinnnadurai, AWS

Christos Papadopoulos,Univ. of Memphis

Joe Niemiec, Cloudera

Pedro Lopez Estepa, RTI

3:00 PMAlignment Opportunities between AUTOSAR and COVESA

Steve Crumb, COVESA

Achim Henkel, Robert Bosch GmbH

3:00 PMTalking the Drive: Reimagining Content, Location and Data in the Connected Carhttps://spoti.fi/3uIhfv4

Dirk Slama, Robert Bosch GmbH

John MacLeod, Rivet 360

Rod McKenzie, Drivetime Metrics

3:45 PMData-Enabled Applications & Services That Make a DifferencePanel / no slides

PeterSavolainen, Michigan Sate Univ.

Matus Banyay, Ford Motor Company

Jeremy Agulnek, HAASAlert

Rick Ruskin, Otonomo

4:00 PMApplying VSS In-VehicleSebastian Schildt & Erik Jaegervall, Robert Bosch GmbH
4:30 PMCockpit, Connectivity, Cloud and BeyondVishnu Sundaram, Stellantis
5:00 PMBusiness Track Wrap-up & Call to ActionNo slides

Thursday, October 20, 2022


Session Title

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9:00 AM - 12:00 PMData Architecture and Infrastructure Working Session

Data Architecture and Infrastructure Workshop slides

Data Centric Architecture, Data Middleware as part of an ecosystem (BMW)

Data Model, Persistence and Real Time Sync (MongoDB)

Stephen Lawrence, Renesas

Andre Wendel, BMW Group

Felix Reichenbach, MongoDB

Adnan Bekan, BMW Group

9:00 AMPIVOT: An Open Community Platform for Sharing Vehicle Telematics Data for Research and InnovationChristos Papadopoulos, University of Memphis
9:30 AMEV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project, Working Session

Karsten Kroebel, Ford-Werke GmbH

Achim Henkel, Robert Bosch GmbH

Matus Banyay, Ford Motor Company

9:30 AMSafe Smart Infrastructure that Protects Vulnerable Road UsersKelly Daize, AreaX.O.
10:15 AMEvolving UX Insights to Keep Pace with Technology

Lincoln Merrihew

Pulse Labs

10:15 AMEV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project, Working Session10-15_Day 3COVESA PPT_EVPOwerOptimizarion_Attributes_v3.pptx

Pradeep Kumar K, Hyundai MOBIS R&D

Chandra Sekhar Chitikela, Hyundai MOBIS R&D 

Matus Banyay, Ford Motor Company

10:45 AMThe People Problem in Vehicle CybersecurityBryan Blancke, Block Harbor Cybersecurity
11:00 AMEV Charging Event Data Aggregation project, working session with digital.auto

Matus Banyay, Ford Motor Company

Dirk Slama, Robert Bosch GmbH

11:15 AMWhy Content in the Vehicle is UndervaluedAlex Giannikoulis, IVEE
11:45 AMHow Behaviour AI is Driving the Future of Connected VehiclesPatricia (Paddy) LaTorre, Humanising Autonomy
2:00 PMVSS Working Session ‚ Complex Data Types and Meta data handling in VSS

Erik Jaegervall, Robert Bosch GmbH

Adnan Bekan, BMW Group

3:00 PMData Expert Group Wrap Up

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