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Slide Decks and Videos



by Steve Crumb, Executive Director of GENIVI Alliance

Steve Crumb (COVESA)

Matt Jones (Wind River)

GENIVI Evolution: Accelerating the future of Connected Vehicle Systems
Presented by: Matt Jones, Chairman, GENIVI Alliance

Keynote: The connected vehicle - how data enables innovation
Presented by: Christoph Ludwig, VP, OEM Europe at GeoTab

The Connected Vehicle - How Data Enables InnovationChristoph Ludewig (Geotab)

Keynote: The Software-Defined Car
Presented by: Daniel Krippner, Technical Lead for the Software-Defined Vehicle at Robert Bosch GmbH

The Software Defined CarDaniel Krippner (Bosch)

Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?
Join us for a fireside chat with Scott McCormick & Steve Crumb

Fireside Chat: Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?

Scott McCormick (CVTA)

Steve Crumb (COVESA)

COVESA Launch Party Music Video
DJ Spencer H 


Technical Track Welcome

Steve Crumb (COVESA)

CVII Session 1 – Specification Work Update
This session will give an overview of all CVII activities and the roadmap towards the stated CVII goals of establishing a common data and services models

CVII Session 1 – Specification Work Update

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Erik Jägervall (Bosch)

Daniel Wilms (BMW)

CVII Session 2 -Why Vehicles Need Event-based Systems
This session will present and discuss ongoing implementation projects/specifications that relate to the Technology Stack, that enables uses of VSS / common data model and VSC

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Magnus Feuer (FeuerWorks)

Thomas Spreckley (Bosch)

CVII Session 3 – Alignment and Adoption (eSync, OPIN, IoT/AOS)
This important session is all about progress towards alignment and adoption of a common data model, represented by the adoption of the current VSS format.

CVII Session 3 – Alignment and Adoption (eSync, OPIN, IoT/AOS)

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Mark Singer (eSync Alliance)

Neil Walker (Covéa Insurance)


TITLE (Track: Android Automotive SIG and Cloud & Connected Services)VIDEO LINKSSLIDESSPEAKERS

CVII / Android Automotive SIG, Vehicle-HAL

  • Introduction/recapitulation of AASIG-VHAL work
  • Demonstration of VSS to Android Automotive properties translation from/to VSS
    • VSS to Android HAL code-generator development
Session video


VSS-workshop discussion and AA properties  (pdf)

Stefan Wysocki (TietoEvry) 

Manu Kemppainen (Bittium)

Android Automotive SIG, Audio HAL

  • Audio development environment overview

  • Demonstration of the audio development environment

  • AVB vs A2B comparison

Session video

AASIG-Audio Design (pptx)

AASIG-Audio Demonstration Intro (pptx)

AVB_A2B (pdf)

Piotr Krawczyk  (TietoEVRY)

Harikrishna Sagala (Analog Devices) 

Cloud and Connected Services

  • Introduction to CCS and recent updates (part 1)
  • Geotab usage of VSS data (part 2)
  • Introduction and demonstration of conversion tools (part 3)
  • VISS server implementation Feature update and demonstration
    • Access Control & Curve Logging
      (part 4)
  • Data model usage and alignment in ISO Extended Vehicle (part 5)

Intro (video)

Geotab usage of VSS data (video)

Geotab conversion tool demo (video)

VISS server tool demo on Access Control and Curve Logging (video)

ISO Extended Vehicle (video)

Intro (pptx)

(no separate slides – see video)

(no separate slides – see video)

(no separate slides – see video)

ISO Extended Vehicle (pdf)

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Ted Guild  (Geotab)

Ulf Bjorkengren (Geotab)

Florian Pinzel (DENSO) <f.pinzel AT eu.denso.com>


Introduction and Overview / Update from last AMM

  • John Moon - ConnectedTravel
John Moon,(Connected Travel)

Title: Marketplace Offering vs Integrated Solutions

Abstract: The future success of in-car payments will depend on the customer focus of the automakers. By putting the driver first they can create compelling user experiences - frictionless, ubiquitous, intuitive. Dr. Hans-Hendrik Puvogel will share how Parkopedia is delivering in-vehicle commerce driver value to Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen, and many others.

(no separate slides – see video)Dr Hans-Hendrik Puvogel (Parkopedia)

Title: The Growth of In-Car Intelligent Assistants: Will voice experiences be the bridge to connected commerce?


How will voice technology drive engagement and adoption while at the same time reducing distraction?

In what way can digital assistants create opportunities for OEMs to promote and monetize point of interest (POI) information?

How will drivers bring their digital lives to their vehicles through voice-first experiences?

Jeff Ferman
(Alexa Auto)

Title:  Evolving the EV ecosystem to accelerate adoption.  It takes all of us

Abstract:  Share the background of what Exelon is doing, and where we are engaging with others in the ecosystem. Where are some of the challenges and ideas that we should explore as partners in making this happen whether you are on the supply side of Energy or the Demand side of consumers and trying to navigate features, convenience, and cost?

(no separate slides – see video)Chris Moyer (Exelon Corporation) 

Title:  In-Car Payments – How to Make Them Successful

Abstract:  In this discussion, we will discuss the questions - What are the UX consideration to make in-car payments successful? How can we nudge drivers into using in-car payments? What are the stumbling blocks we need to overcome?

(no separate slides – see video)Nils Lenke & Dhruv Gupta(Cerence)

Title: What can OEMs, Payment Providers, IVP/EV Developers/Integrators, and Utility Companies Learn From Each Other?

Abstract: OEMs, suppliers, software developers, payment providers, and utility companies each play a key role in helping to drive the adoption of EV vehicles.  Does the customer just want fast, cheap, and green or is there more the story that requires the ecosystem has to come together and explore further?  True partnership requires continuous collaboration, innovation, and thought leadership to overcome the barriers to EV adoption.  How can everyone collaborate together to innovate, drive costs down and drive standardization while ensuring that there will be a  charging infrastructure when and where it might be needed

(no separate slides – see video)

Moderator:  John Moon

Panelists: Exelon, Parkopedia, and ConnectedTravel


Title: GENIVI Security Team Overview

Abstract:  GENIVI's Automotive Cybersecurity team lead provides the audience with an overview of the GENIVI cybersecurity team initiatives, how you and your organization can become engaged, and lastly what to look forward to in today's cybersecurity workshop track

(no separate slides – see video)Joby Jester, (GENIVI Cybersecurity Team Lead/Capgemini)

Keynote Title:   Creating cybersecurity problems through regulation

Abstract:  There have been a number of regulations in the vehicle space which have created a number of cybersecurity headaches. From the original ODB port to the recent ELD mandate for trucks more and more connectivity is being mandated with little regard for cybersecurity.  Where are we now? What is coming next? What should we be looking for to help avoid the problems coming our way?

Urban K. Jonson, (National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc)

Title:  Fall 2021 Regulatory and Compliance Update

Abstract:  Cybersecurity and privacy concerns have dominated the news cycle in recent months.  We’ve seen everything from the White House and Congress responding to ransomware payment issues to home EV chargers replete with security vulnerabilities.  Join the Butzel team to hear the latest changes including regulations, requirements for critical infrastructure, Executive Orders, guidance, and draft bills.  We will discuss the issues you need to be prepared for to promote a culture of compliance while meeting new incident reporting obligations and ransom payment guidance.

Claudia Rast & Jennifer Dukarski (Butzel Long)

Title:  Counterfeit Modules, Right to Repair, and Cybersecurity Plans, Challenges and Opportunities

Abstract:  Current state of the art allows secure boot of a small subset of modules on the vehicle bus while allowing diagnostic access with very few restrictions.  We will explore ways to build a stronger foundation for security, safety, and reliability while sharing the right data and allowing the right R2R!

Chad Childers (Privafy)

Title:  Making Sense of Security Testing for ISO/SAE 21434

Abstract:  Fuzz Testing? Pen Testing? Vulnerability Scanning? Functional Testing? Verification Testing? Whether you're an automaker or supplier, you'll inevitably need to get comfortable with security testing as ISO/SAE 21434 permeates the automotive supply chain. In this talk, we'll walk through each type of testing to discuss what it is, why it's done, and when/how to do it. Finally, we'll end this talk with a few recommendations for ways you can get ahead of the curve and start thinking about automating cybersecurity testing for ISO/SAE 21434

Brandon Barry, (Block Harbor Cybersecurity)

Title:  Cybersecurity Challenges and Implications in C-ITS

Abstract:  ITS ecosystems are the dominant solution to networks' saturation as they provide several benefits. They contribute to congestion reduction, limitation of emissions and air pollution, avoidance of unexpected incidents on the road, and transportation efficiency.

However, deploying interconnected Intelligent Transport Systems creates several challenges, mainly in terms of safety and cybersecurity. During this session, the current situation will be presented and discussed, focusing on challenges and issues that need to be studied to address the growing needs of the ICT infrastructure.

Gilad Bandel (Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity) 

Cybersecurity Staffing Challenges/Wrap-Up

Abstract:  The GENIVI Security Team Lead, Joby Jester wraps up the talks for today and provides additional industry insight and upcoming automotive cybersecurity event opportunities

(no separate slides – see video)

Joby Jester (GENIVI Cybersecurity Team/Capgemini)
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