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Moving forward we will use the COVESA Community Calendar.  

To see instructions on how to subscribe with Outlook, go to COVESA Communication Channels and Calendars.

COVESA Community Calendar

Note that it typically is not well defined or well communicated in which time zone a meeting is anchored. Expect temporary changes when US is using Daylight Saving Time but Europe is using normal time (typically first week of November and last weeks of March)

07.00 AM10.00 AM160015000000

development meeting
Meeting Link

Security Team (biweekly)

Meeting Link

8.00 AM11.00 AM170016000100


(biweekly, even weeks)

Meeting Link


Meeting Link

Data Architecture / Infrastructure
Main Meeting

(was CVII Tech Stack)

9.00 AM12.00 noon180017000200

Reserved-COVESA staff

protocol / W3C Automotive & Transportation WG

For info: Contact W3C

10.00 AM1.00 PM190018000300

VSC development meeting
 Meeting Link 

11.00 AM2.00 PM200019000400

12.00 noon3.00 PM210020000500

1.00 PM4.00 PM220021000600

4.30 PM CET:
insurance working meeting
(currently, time may vary)

2.00 PM5.00 PM230022000700

3.00 PM6.00 PM000023000800

4.00 PM7.00 PM010000000900

5.00 PM8.00 PM020001001000

6.00 PM9.00 PM030002001100

7.00 PM10.00 PM040003001200

8.00 PM11.00 PM050004001300

9.00 PM12.00 midnight060005001400

10.00 PM01.00 AM070006001500

11.00 PM02.00 AM080007001600

12.00 midnight03.00 AM090008001700

1.00 AM04.00 AM100009001800Hypervisor Group (previously, new planning)


Other Meetings (intermittent, or time varying, or by invitation)

  • eSync Alliance liaison

CCS - new meeting time pending

Zoom:  TBD


Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/99373652562?pwd=Mnl3K1pxSUxXVFZma2xkL2tsb3ZDZz09

TODO - add contact information / meeting lead for each

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