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How to subscribe to COVESA mailing lists.

COVESA now uses Google Groups infrastructure for email and lists/groups, but logging in to Google services with your account is optional (follow option 2 near the end of this instruction.).

Some important lists/groups:

  •  covesa-dev - for general other information, discussion and projects.
  •  aa-sig - for Android Automotive Special Interest Group.
  •  cvii-general - for Common Vehicle Interface Initiative, including VSS, VSC and related technologies
  •  security-team - for discussions about automotive security and invitations to the security team meetings.

(For CCS project, we generally now use CVII list.  Other projects are likely to use the main covesa-dev).

To subscribe, you add "+subscribe" to the mailing list address, and send an email to that address: (You can send to all of them using one email). 
Copy these to "To:" email:

NOTE!   After this, the servers will reply to your email to confirm the subscription request.  This email contains a clickable box/link.  If you click on this, it will bring you to a page within Google Groups infrastructure. 
If you are not logged in to Google with this email account then this web page produces a slightly confusing message:
"Content unavailable", which indicates you do not have access, and suggests you might "Switch Accounts".

If this happens, you then have the following choices:

1. Log in to a Google-registered account and complete the process.  You may register your email as a Google email (can be any email address, but the same as you used for the subscribe request).

2.  If you do not have your email registered at Google and do not wish to do that, then follow the alternative instruction that you probably missed in the email. 
It says you can do a Reply to the email (without changing the subject). 
That is enough to complete the registration to the mailing list / discussion group.

For some groups, the archives are only visible to subscribed addresses – for that you may need to log in to Google to see the group archives.

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