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  • Notes not recorded


  • Tech Charter status
    • Spec and PoC part aligned
    • licensing topics remaining
    • next meeting Friday - just to finalize it
  • Way forward
    • COVESA to continue with VehicleAPI (northbound) without formal AUTOSAR involvement.
    • Joint part to be continued at earliest in March (if a license agreement exists)
  • Remaining work until meeting Feb 3rd
    • assumed that the meeting the 3rd will still take place
  • What to do after Feb 3rd
    • COVESA to make our own charter, by removing parts depending on AUTOSAR
    • Figure out requirements, document
    • There is a proposal from Ulf
      • Ulf: We can use as base, possibly submit to AUTOSAR
    • Ted: But why shall we start.
    • Erik:
      • Continue with this slot after Feb 3rd?
      • Github Repo so we can start with Charter+API?
  • Proposal: Continue discussing COVESA vehicle API charter Feb 7th (same slot)


  • Charter status
    • Spec part aligned
    • PoC part to be discussed by WG Cloud on Thursday
  • What to do after charter
    • Work model - joint effort vs split responsibilities
    • Document format (charter, specs)
    • Where to store - create Git repo
    • Who wants to drive what - what volunteers do we have for specs, PoCs and so on.
      • BMW and Renesas interest
      • We might have a lot of PoC setups, then we need to see where there is interest for collaboration.
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR simulator: https://github.com/langroodi/Adaptive-AUTOSAR
  • Adnan: Do we have any additional questions to AUTOSAR, if not we can continue defining north bound
    • How will deployment scenarios look like? Can AUTOSAR provide info? Then we can continue developm, wo AUTOSAR involvement if needed.
  • Stephen: Focus next meeting on who to get going?!
  • Has Ford/MBition any opinion on what need to exist in the interface



  • Erik presented result of last call with Sami
  • Comments merged to charter
  • Draft proposal on deliverables added to charter.


  • Erik presented an idea on how the charter could be extended to be more explicit on deliveries - necessary to be able to create roadmap
  • Erik has been in contact with Nadym Salem to set up a meeting with Sami Kekki and others from the AUTOSAR Cloud WG to align on charter before meeting Dec 16th, no response from Sami yet
  • Meeting decision to increase depth in charter, but not include all from shown presentation
  • Two possible setup of "Vehicle API" must be included
    • Where the "Vehicle API" is used inside AUTOSAR (Interface between AUTOSAR and Linux/Cloud may use something completely different)
    • Where the "Vehicle API" is used between AUTOSAR and Linux
  • Erik to update draft charter, possibly ready Wednesday or Thursday
  • Adnan and others to review
  • Discussion to continue next Tuesday
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