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Organizing input for which part of technology stack need to be

Existing technology activities

  • VISS v2 protocol development (=web protocol for VSS data)
    Tuesdays 2PM EST / 2000 CET, 1 hour, please see W3C Automotive Working group (contact Ted Guild)
  • Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC) &  RPC protocol development
    Bi-weekly, Mondays 1PM EST / 1900 CET, 1 hour, please see W3C Automotive Working group (contact Ted Guild)
  • VSS / VSSo meeting discusses tool development (vss-tools repository)
  • GENIVI Cloud & Connected Services – see project home page for information – reference architecture diagram
  • Android Automotive SIG - Vehicle HAL topic is somewhat related since it also investigates integration of the same standard data model (VSS) → see project home page for information. – powerpoint diagram.

New technology (software) activities

  • VSS to MQTT – define binary encoding, implement necessary code.   Initial analysis. – Tieto has experience.
  • VSS to VSSo translator (VSS is the source of signal definitions).   Other (non-VSSo) ontologies may link to/from VSSo however.
  • VSS / SENSORiS alignment, does it need some tooling to move between one and the other?  → work on alignment track first.
  • SOME/IP connection and/or DDS.  Data (VSS) and Service (VSC) mapping needed.  Look at AUTOSAR's Signal to Service mapping.  (Status?  Published?)
        ARA:COM is the abstraction.   It might be enough to map to this abstraction.

Specification and/or implementation focus?

Differing viewpoints:

  • Code is most useful
  • Specification is long-term useful for companies to refer to, or make alternative implementations

Priority List

Related information

  • Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) – GitHub
  • Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC) – GitHub

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