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Meeting Notes 2023-07-20

Participants: GM-Fernandes, Intellias-Kutsyy, BOSCH-Henkel


Meeting Notes 2023-05-18

  • German bank holiday - We will meet but some will not be in attendance

Meeting Notes 2023-05-11


  • Mobility Data Spaces networking event recap
  • OEM Joint Private Compute
  • Stellantis - meeting
  • White paper
  • Next AMM


  • MDS networking
    • MDS preferred
    • 30% of current charging location data
    • MDS bilateral exchange between OEM and 3rd party
  • One pager sent to Dirk.  Dirk to setup meeting
  • Awaiting approval for white paper - 1 more
  • Matus, Karsten, Achim - Finalized data VSS signal mapping/extension
  • Meeting with Stellantis to inform about this project - Wednesday 17 at 5:30am PT / 8:30am ET / 14:30 CET 
  • White paper
    • opportunity to formalize within research inst
    • the clearer we can simulate the problem, the better.  The closer to reality the better.  
  • Private Cross OEM Joint Compute for EV - Private Cross OEM Joint Compute for EV Charging
    • Don't want to overcomplicate or limit the sharing of data to start
    • Perhaps up level this to the general topic of data privacy in Data Expert Group 
  • Perhaps Denver to Troy
  • VDA - to determine difference in scope between MDS and COVESA
  • Otsap - Intellias to show what they are doing

Meeting Notes 2023-05-04

Recap Porto... next steps

   ...VSS model deep dive... matching vehicle VSS signal to "Charging tree"...excercise to be finished tomorrow in a seperate working call

... general mapping workstream ... feedback from broader group that it becomes ovious that there needs to be somebody defining standards here

...limiting scope will help us, working group agreed to focus... location, availability, charge speed....data model...keep generic though

Dirk proposal: 30 min call with ZIAD (local CPO Stuttgart), potential POC

Dirk to lead

White Paper, feedback from FORD on approval still pending

next step: Matus follow-up

MDS Event yesterday

recap with Achim, Karsten

- AK Daten VDA yesterday follow-up

debate on how the different workstreams are seperated, MDS, COVESA, AKDaten

AK Daten working group will set up a seperate call with key stakeholders and MDS rep to carve out who is focusing on what and how visions can be aligned

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