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Location Duration and Preference


  • Standard route daily - home, office, in between
    • Reservations - available?
    • Typical times Availability?
    • Will I have to move my car
    • Public availability
    • Connector type

Mom with 2 Kids

Fleet Driver

  • How long charging will take
  • Power
  • Status - Errors
  • Cost/Price
  • Access restriction - height, length (does your vehicle fit) - if vehicle charged


  • Who owns/operates the charger



8 Different Apps

15 minutes getting payment

Walk dog get food

Utilize from Vehicle to validate/confirm status of charge point

Validate crowd sourced data?  Actually automatically verify

Crowd Source localized

Quality of data varies by provider

How an individual OEM might integrate into charging ecosystem



Price, Charging Time, Type

POI/Amenities Nearby

Customer rating

Vehicle charging state - IsCharging, Error, 

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