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Data Expert Group
▶︎ Data Models and Ontologies
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology (VSSo) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Architecture and Infrastructure
▶︎ Interface Definition
     ▷ Vehicle API
     ▷ Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC)
     ▷ Vehicle Information Service Specification (VISS) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Best Practices
     ▷ Governance
     ▷ Privacy and Identity
     ▷ Data Model Definition
     ▷ API First
Data Expert Group Workshop 2023Q1

Electric Vehicle Charging Expert Group
▶︎ EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project
▶︎ EV Optimization - Increase Travel Range for Fixed Battery

Android™ Automotive SIG
▶︎ Android Automotive White Label App Store

Security Team

Simulation and Tooling

Vehicle Experience and Content - Entertainment BoF
▶︎ In-vehicle Payment SIG


Common Vehicle Interface Initiative

Cloud & Connected Services Project

SDV Telemetry Project - On Hold


Industry Events

Industry Events 2023


October 2022 All Member Meeting

April 2022 All Member Meeting

October 2021 All Member Meeting

May 2021 All Member Meeting

October 2020 All Member Meeting

May 2020 Virtual Technical Summit

November 2019 Technical Summit

May 2019 All Member Meeting

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  • Meeting Notes - Prior to 2022-12-01

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Meeting Notes

August 18th at 8:15am PT, 11:15am, 1715 CET


  • Call for Co-Chairs
  • Call for participation
  • Plan
    • Timeline - Deliverables
      • Phase 1:  VSS Extension
        •  Requirements
        • Sub-meeting/progression cadence
      • Phase2:  Data Collection
        • Physical Test Fleet
  • Potential for leveraging other initiatives SeQueRes


Paul Boyes
Stephen Lawrence Renesas
Adnan BMW
Erik Jaegervall Bosch
Ted Guild
Piotr Krawczyk [Tietoevry]
Sebastian Schildt
Arie Aanen Bosch
Matus Banyay
Roettger, Daniel D.
Kevin de Sousa
Matthias Freier Bosch
Riley Eagar
Kroebel, Karsten K.
Don Dulchinos
A. Henkel BOSCH
Bob Gottschalk
Clay Nelson GitHub
Steve Crumb
Jürgen Fey
Rachel Mayhall
Christian Bosch

Meeting Notes

  • Called for additional Co-Chairs 
  • Took a poll as to who is interested in active participation vs just following.  Roughly 1/2 of the attendees said they were interested.
  • Discuss why/what attendees are interested in.  The responses included:  better charging experiences, EV charging use cases, business models, power management, use of VISS for transfer of data/Vehicle Edge to Cloud Edge, role of Android in EV charging...  
  • Some were interested in how to better engage domain experts from their companies
  • Next Steps: 

July 7 at 700 CET, 2pm JST/KST, 10 pm PT, 1am ET 


  • Brief Overview of Relevant COVESA terms, projects, and processes
  • Introductions
  • Project Proposal
  • Discussion
  • Next Steps/Call to Action
    • How to get involved
    • Project Timeline
    • Action Items
    • Next Meeting and Schedule

Meeting Recording

July 7, 2022 - Project Proposal

Meeting Notes

  • Project proposal was presented as seen in the meeting recording.
  • The following questions were asked
    • Who runs/owns the database?
      • Answer:  TBD.  Out of scope for proof of concept
    • What is the business model?
      • Answer:  TBD.  A key objective of the poc is to enable new business models and revenue streams.
    • What is the relationship of Vehicle Signal Specification to ISO ExVe?
      • Answer:  This deck by Florian Pinzel describes the potential relationship.

August 3 - Abbreviated Group Charter Review

A group of around 25 individuals were identified, from the membership and community, and invited to the initial charter review.  An abbreviated group was chosen to review the charter to minimize noise.


  • Review and refine charter
  • Determine next steps for larger group meeting

Meeting Notes

  • We walked through the charter with no real objections to it.  There were again questions about business models and database ownership, but no real disagreement.  This does not mean that it is done though.  We still need to find Chairs and drill down on timeline/roadmap.
  • Ideally we would have at least 2 oems, but it may be that the project needs to get off the ground a bit to attract others.
  • Ford presented some other related cases around determining vehicle energy demand.  There is also another collaborative project in the EU doing related work that we may wish to align with.
  • We need to clearly state the value to OEMs and industry to get people onboard
  • Need to have intro and learning sessions to get everyone up to speed on VSS
  • Battery management and power management were mentioned as potential areas this project might facilitate.
  • It may be that agreeing on standard VSS catalog may be difficult, but VSS methodology is still useful
  • Reasonably remove barriers for this group to make progress, but it is understand for this to make it to production vehicles we need to include those things that make software production grade.
  • There are potential opportunities with Michigan Economic Development Commission 

September 1 - Weekly Meeting


  • FleetSim idea


Achim Henkel 

Erik Jaegerval

Dirk Slam

Paul Boyes

Matus Banyay

Don Dulchinos

Florian Pinzel

Ganesh Hegde

Brandy Goolsby

Karste Kröble

Piotr Krawcsyk

Daniel Roettger

Stefan Wysocki

Thomas Spreckley

Meeting Notes

  • Walked through the FleetSim idea in where multiple vehicles and charging stations were simulated on a map 
  • It was asked what is the path to requesting new signals (a wishlist) in VSS? Suggested that their be a "wish list" mechanism in
  • Why Google maps were use was discussed.  It is easy and well know.  Have the ability to change in the future.
  • It is thought that Open Charge Alliance maintains a database of charge points in Europe
  • Data model approaches are being discussed between a subgroup.  These should be brought to the larger group soon.  Anyone who is interested in that conversation should join it.

Action Items

  • Dirk Slama to provide slides from last week.
  • Karsten and Achim to bring others into data discussion

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