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Participants: Gerald, Ramona, Steve Crumb, Bernd Mattner, Erik, Sami, Jan, Stephen


  • (Currently not published here, potentially confidential)


Participants: Sami, Pawel, Piotr, Adnan, Erik, Paul, Stephen


  • Charter Status
    • MQTT adapter
      • SAMI: We need one, AUTOSAR will do it
      • Piotr: legal group must discuss how MQTT Adapter can be published
    • ECH is transport agnostic
    • Data mapper
      • to be generated, so scope is instead tool chain which generate data mapper
    • Simulate API
    • PoC- licenses
      • Sami: Focus is to use MIT-based licenses.
      • Sami: How to handle licenses questions
      • Paul: Send to Steve Crumb or Michael
      • Piotr: Where to store questions related to licenses?
      • Paul: Wherever you find most useful
  • AUTOSAR Classic
    • Stephen: COVESA interest in classic, mentioned in charter, both for spec and poC. A bit worrying if in spec but not tested. Renesas also interested in Classic.
    • Stephen: Have you in AUTOSAR discussed Classic for Vehicle API
    • Sami: Classic is on the Radar. Should come at some point. But pushing first for adaptive.
    • Stephen: May be some interest to get some guidance on how to implement in Classic
    • Sami: We intend to be able to read data from classic in adaptive, but you mean implementing on classsic?
    • Sami: We have not considered implementing gateway on classic
  • https://github.com/langroodi/Adaptive-AUTOSAR
    • Adnan: Could it possibly be used for simulation, some seem to use it?
    • Adnan: Could we possibly use it to emulate AUTOSAR env?
    • Pawel: Require some checks on our side
    • Adnan: Sami needs to give some feedback, is what they are doing fine from license perspective
    • Stephen: What are dependencies? In-house?
    • Sami to contact Michael (AUTOSAR legal) on if this repo can be used, anyway need to consult team
  • Next steps
    • What to discuss next week in sync, what is left for meeting 3rd?
    • What to do after steering body meeting Feb 3rd
      • Format charter outside google, generate PDF to have something fixed to review?
    • Collaboration structure after next steering group
      • Erik: Shall we continue with this slot also after 3rd feb?
      • Paul: Seems good
      • Sami: Once concluded with charter, we hopefully also have license agreement in place as we may need to discuss more
      • Stephen: Ask Steve/Niclas how collaboration can be set up, we need to sync on legal check
    • Discussion
      • Adnan: we proposed a draft, circulate a few days in advance, include what Tieto presented at CES
        • Pawel: Will check, can provide something beginning of next week
      • Stephen: Get statement on license, highlight open topics
        • Erik: Shall we send to license group for questions
        • Paul: Yes
        • Sami: Could we have next call with them, charter say we shall align with legal group, invite them to next Friday
    • Action Points
      • Erik: Integrate latest comments, cleanup of doc
      • Erik: Ask Legal team (Steve Crumb, Niclas Höret) if they can join next week, send them charter. Also ask for meeting legal framework.
      • Pawel: Provide material from (or link to info on) Tieto CES PoC
      • Erik: Paul to create meeting link for continued meeting series (after Feb 3rd)


Participants: Sami, Pawel, Piotr, Adnan, Erik

Quick notes:

  • Cloud WG has discussed the specification table in meeting yesterday (Jan 12th)
  • Erik: Ulf from Ford has created proposal for for an API
  • Adnan: We need to focus on core part first
  • Adnan: Piotr- do you have any API spec from poC. Do you have any high level description you can share?
  • Piotr: We could extract something.
  • Adnan: Concerning ECH, We want to have some form of simulation env so non-AUTOSAR members can test/demonstrate it.
  • Sami: ECH network adapter interface will not expose anything today covered by AUTOSAR licensing.
  • Piotr: AUTOSAR Partners can use demonstrator for simulation. We could possibly make a stubbed implementation not using ara::com that gives same behavior.
  • Adnan: Would there be legal problems?
  • Sami: We need to consult AUTOSAR legal team.
  • Adnan: How can we mimic AUTOSAR service runtime env to show full pipeline available for non-AUTOSAR partners.
  • Piotr: We could possibly as part of PoC use Franca for internal southbound instead of ara::com so it can be be run outside AUTOSAR.
  • Sami: This is more related to Data Mapper, have a different implementation not relying on AUTOSAR service
  • Erik: I have based on comment from Stephen Lawrence
  • Erik: If we are to implement an MQT ECH, dowe need to integrate a MQTT netw adapter
  • Pawel: If we provide method, it can support both both MQTT and others
  • Erik: You need to specify something, like topics
  • Pawel: That is likely configuration
  • Sami: An ECH may support multiple adapter,
  • Pawel: Every API has access to a message queue. callbacks. All handled by configurations.
  • Sami: So ECH are quite generic
  • Erik: I assume there is need for a small glue layer somewhere been generic network adapter (e.g. MQTT stack)
  • Erik: So it seems we are quite aligned on specs, next week we can hopefully discuss PoC and ref implementation contents
  • Sami: We need legal guidance on how to collaborate for documents where AUTOSAR is responsible but COVESA to be consulted

Way forward:

  • AUTOSAR WG Cloud has next meeting Thu 19th - PoC/ref Impl to be discussed
  • Pavel to prepare presentation how existing PoC/Demo exists, to be discussed first in AUTOSAR Cloud WG
  • Next joined meeting Fri 20th


Participants: Sami, Paul, Erik

Quick notes

  • Alignment on what was agreed in last steering board meeting
    • Protocol mentions both 31st and 23/24th
    • We will aim to have something ready for 23rd/24th
  • Updates of charter - ok to merge comments
    • Erik to merge comments
  • Who does what going forward
    • Sami
      • next Cloud WG 12th
      • Then sessions with other WGs needed
      • We can have understanding of deliverables without knowing details
      • Sami back from from vacation about Jan 4th
    • Erik add draft component/deliverable proposal, intended to be ready before Jan 4th, then Sami can do a quick review
    • Add disclaimer, everything can be changed
  • Next meeting
    • Sync meeting Friday 13th+20th (15.00-16.00 CET)
    • Erik to invite Sami, Paul, Adnan, Erik
    • Sami will check if more will join from Cloud WG


Quick notes, please reply if changes are needed. They shall be considered as informal notes only, not a formal protocol

Participants: Nadym, Adnan, Sami, Erik

  • Scope of project was discussed, - are parts where no collaboration is needed (like AUTOSAR Data Mapper) to be considered as part of project?
  • We need in the charter to state something about responsibilities and collaboration model for the various components
  • Erik: Licensing of components needs to be synched with Legal working group
  • Sami: We  call upper part adapter, we assume Linux contains VISS server, possibly use VISS as Vehicle API
  • Erik: There can be things in VISS that are too complex for us now, like subscription filters, token
  • Adnan: Want lightweight between AUTOSAR/Linux
  • Adnan: Could possibly consider defining API in OpenAPI
  • Sami: What is meant by the statement that methods is to be supported fist in a later increment? Don’t we need methods in the API
  • Erik: We need methods for read/write/subscribe, but no need to support custom-specified methods to access functions in AUTOSAR
  • Sami: Assisting marketing and training may be out of scope
  • Sami: Developing technical API is main focus, assisting marketing/training
  • Erik: But we may need to support setup of PoC and Demoas
  • Decision: Add “may” in text
  • Sami: CLA discussion on AUTOSAR side in progress
  • Sami: We will have next internal AUTOSAR meeting on Thursday, we may add more comments to charter
  • Adnan: If you already have your ideas on charter you could send it to us and we can align/merge them
  • Erik:Then rough plan is that on COVESA-AUTOSAR meeting Dec 16th we (ie COVESA) present the Charter and you (i.e. AUTOSAR) present their comments
  • How to progress
    • Erik: How often to meet
    • Sami: Joint meeting every second week might be sufficient, we have internal every week
    • Erik: Current charter says at least every second week, we can have it more frequent
    • Erik: Do we need a kickoff (online or insite) next year? Half-day?
    • Agreement: Present idea on kick off in steering committee next Friday
    • Erik: Good if you (Sami) could participate dec 16th
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