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Admin and Write Access is as defined by the repository. There are in additions persons with generic COVESA admin/write-access inherited by the repositories.

RepositoryDescriptionStatusAdminMaintainersWrite Access
https://github.com/COVESA/data-expert-groupIssues and documents for Data Expert GroupActiveData Expert Group-
https://github.com/COVESA/vehicle_signal_specificationVSS Standard catalog and VSS syntax documentationActive-
https://github.com/COVESA/vss-toolsVSS ToolingActive-
https://github.com/COVESA/vehicle_service_catalogVSC Syntax definitionActive??Gunnar?
https://github.com/COVESA/vsc-toolsVSC ToolingActive??Gunnar?
https://github.com/COVESA/ccs-componentsCCS componentsActiveUlf Bjorkengren ??

Other repositories

It is assumed that other repositories are out of scope for Data Expert Group. This means that the Data Expert Group does not control "Way of Working" for those repositories.

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