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Tags: Bevan Watkiss Hilik Stein

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Thursday time schedule

09:00 - 09:30   Return-of-experience presentation:  Securethings

09:30 - 9:50      Itemis

09:50 - 10:30   Workshop

Workshop topics

Discussion on the survey results - 10-15 min
(led by:  Bevan and Hilik)

  • Reactions to the survey
    • Which conclusions are most important to take action on?
    • Was there some area missing in the questionnaire?
    • Did you feel there were any incorrect conclusions?
  • Discuss second (follow-up) security survey after SAE survey
    • Drawing from GENIVI Security Team already comprehensive survey preparation
    • Plus the identified "follow-ups" or missing features in SAE survey
  • Draft some concrete follow-up questions for a "stage 2" survey

"Ask-me-anything" based on Return-of-experience presentations this week - 10 min / end
(Securethings, Saferide, Karamba, Irdeto)

  • The room participants (several from diverse companies since this is an AMM) have the opportunity to continue Q&A if there was not enough time.

Charter and Aims for next year

Backup topics

  • Linux hardening guide

  • Invitation to security team regular meetings.  (Which topic are you most interested in?)
  • Open Mic?: Message from OEMs indicating the security stance, upto and value.  Areas of concern they see.
  • Sec Team Meeting during TU?

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