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Obsolete - for final slides see COVESA All Member Meeting ~ October 10-12, 2023


Tuesday 10 October





TYPE TopicOwners
1:00 - 1:30COVESA for NewcomersSteve CrumbPlenary / in-person speakersPossibly interview a couple of new members about their experience onboarding in COVESA; Cynthia/Mavi; Melina/AOSP; VSS perspective? BB guys?Steve
1:30 - 2:00COVESA Member KeynoteCOVESA President ( Matt)Plenary / Keynote
2:00 - 2:30

Understanding and Engaging in COVESA Expert Groups & Projects

Paul Boyes  

Paul plus others

Round Robin

More engaging of audience; emphasize a second session where individuals can talk about specifics of starting new projects; Maybe a FAQ approach

Paul, Steve


Intro to VSS

Adnan Bekan 


Is Erik and Adnan Confirmed/ Abstract?

Session Time

Track 1 (Data Expert Group)

3:30 - 4:00

Title:  Emerging Automotive Technologies: Insight on the Legal Issues and Risks of Vehicle related AI and Data Collection 

Abstract: The topic of data and information technology in the car has never been more relevant.  Whether you’re thinking about the public announcements regarding generative  AI systems and ChatGPT in-vehicle or the statement from the State of California that it intends to investigate the consumer privacy practices of automakers, it’s clear that this is an emerging area of law that significantly impacts the industry.  Join Claudia Rast and Jennifer Dukarski as they discuss the state of the law, the viability of the eight voluntary standards the “titans of tech” have agreed to implement to safeguard  AI, in-vehicle cyber incidents, and other insights on the future for Emerging Automotive Technologies.

Claudia Rast and Jennifer Dukarski, from Butzel Long

Privacy - other industries like health / ethics / AI


4:00 - 4:30

Accelerating IoT Development: Leveraging VSS at the Edge

Aman Gupta, Konark Verma, Denso

Thought leadership Keynote

It it hard to test vehicle applications in the real world, due to bulky hardware and complex signals. hence developers can leverage VSS signals to replicate a lot of real world scenarios for their applications.

Denso's vehicle application platform QUAD empowers third party developers to build vehicle applications using  a Digital twin (DUO) that stores data in VSS format. Some examples of such third party applications include micro-collision-detector, speed-collector and accident-video-uploader . Developers can also access tools like signal simulator(Quad-simulator) and app debug terminal(Quad-terminal) to build and debug applications seamlessly.

It allows them to assess the performance, functionality, and reliability of their applications before deploying them in the actual physical environment.

Bios still needed

4:30 - 5:30

COVESA's Role in the SDV

Unlocking the Potential of SDV: The Significance of Data and Connectivity,

Moderator: Steve Bell, Informa


NXP (Brian Carlson)

Elektrobit (Mike Robertson, Chief Product Officer)

Graham Smethurst, BMW (Steve to contact)

Other OEM Contacts: Brandy to discuss with Sushama M. (GM)

Next Steps:

Plan A: Brandy/Steve to talk to Informa about participation in SDV panel; Abstract draft to Rosie for Informa to plan this panel

Paul to talk to GM, Woven (Joel and ask)

Brandy to talk to Florian

Mike to talk Stellantis about IBM- talk w/ Trpko pending

Plan B: Graham to talk about Brussel's approach and alignment to COVESA?

Title confirmation?

6:00 - 8:00Welcome Reception ( offsite)

Wednesday (Business Track) 11 October 2023

Day 2




TYPE TopicOwners
9:00 - 9:15Welcome & COVESA IntroductionSteve CrumbPlenary / in-person speakers
9:15 - 9:45

Thought Leadership (GM)

The SDV Future: Challenges and Opportunities

Dan Nicholson, Vice President of Strategic Technology Initiatives, General Motors

KeynoteThe Automotive Industry is well on its way to a Software Defined Vehicle future, facing challenges and opportunities to ensure value to customer and company alike. Dan Nicholson, General Motors Vice President of Strategic Technology Initiatives, will provide perspective on these challenges and the ways the industry can address them.


9:45 - 10:15

AutoTech Partnerships and Alliances – Reshaping Automotive

As the dynamics of the industry become ever more turbulent, and the pressure on companies to innovate and transform increases, the nature of relationships is changing. Traditional development processes and supply chains are no longer barriers to entry but in fact competitive weaknesses. New thinking, skill sets, technologies, processes and tools require new partners.

As a result the relationship map is changing rapidly and the shape of the industry and who will emerge as key players is in dynamic flux. Steve Bell will present the development of current relationships, what’s influencing them and future trends.

Steve Bell, Informa

Showcase, keynote, fireside chat

Brandy to follow up with Freya to identify content to support Marketing/Communications

They can provide analysts for moderation on panels

Sync-up with Informa week of 14 August - Go/no-go

10:15 -10:30Break
10:30 -11:00

Thought Leadership  (Geotab) - 

"Which data do commercial customers need and how an industry-wide defined data set increases value for fleets, OEMs and Telematics Service Providers"

Christoph Ludewig


Abstract: Today, each OEM provides a different data set, different frequencies and different API technologies. In multi-brand fleets, this leads to an inconsistent data availability and forces Telematics Service Provides to work with the smallest common denominator in providing data-based products across the whole fleet.

In this session, Geotab will present a "fleet data recommended best practice" based on twenty years of experience in fleet telematics that will help the industry to move away from spending huge efforts in establishing and maintaining heterogeneous integration with OEMs towards spending more energy in creating value-adding products for commercial customers.

Christoph serving as Champion of this session. 


11:00 -11:30How COVESA APIs are accelerating service development in Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road

Dr. Micha Muenzenmay Director System Engineering Software and Services, Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road, Bosch

Dr. Mouham Tanimou Senior Expert Systems Engineering Software and Services, Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road, Director, Bosch


The software-defined commercial vehicle differs from its predecessors in its electronics architecture. Through centralized compute hubs and a simplified embedded mechatronics and control rim the software development changes from a functionally distributed to a cross-functionally centralized approach. One prerequisite of this split is the establishment of managed APIs between central entities and towards the rest of the vehicle system, which, for sake of easier shift to later cloud-based solutions, needs to be aligned with the interface to offboard infrastructure.

This transition, however, requires much larger efforts to open the access to the rich pool of vehicle data in a non-discriminative way. Furthermore, services will gain more attractiveness if they cannot only harvest data for processing but may also (safely and securely) interact with the vehicle and its operations.

The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) is an open platform that targets the creation of such open API standards.

In this work we explore the VSS standard and its siblings with a particular focus on its fitness for commercial vehicles. We report on its initial applications in a series-ready software-stack and assess its potential for reuse and easier development. We also give a broader outlook on other API standardization streams and the evolution of new eco-systems of open standards for software-defined vehicles (commercial and beyond).

Commercial Vehicle area


11:30 - 12:15

Safety Topic (Haas Alert, ESS, Stellantis, RoadMedic, & possibly SAE)

TITLE: Sensors, Signals, and Safety: Leveraging Vehicle Connectivity to Reduce Roadway Risk

ABSTRACT: Fatal collisions involving vehicles, pedestrians, and first responders are at an all-time high, but breakthrough advances in vehicle technology are beginning to turn the tide. From in-dash alerting of roadway hazards and disabled vehicles, to outbound delivery of vehicle data for improved emergency response, new vehicle capabilities and functions are showing just how transformative connectivity will be for improving road safety. In this interactive and insightful panel discussion, learn from experts at the cutting edge of new solutions for vehicle data and roadway safety to learn how connected vehicles are paving the way for a safer future in automotive and transportation. Featuring:

  • Brock Aun, VP of Communications @ HAAS Alert
  • Trpko Blazevski, Head of Digital Innovation & Tech Scouting @ Stellantis
  • Timothy VanGoethem, ESS Chief Product Officer 
  • Larry Williams, CEO @ Roadmedic
  • Lisa Spellman, VRUSC Director @ SAE ITC Consortium
Panel discussion with moderator

Confirmed that Brock Aun from Haas Alert will be moderator of the panel with Trpko, ESS and Larry from RoadMedic as panelists.  ESS is confirming if it will be Tom Metzer or Craig Keller on the panel.   

Mike sent invite to Lisa at SAE this past week. 

8/7/2023 Lisa Responded with a YES (tentatively) since she is leaving for China 10/16-10/20, but she said she will confirm by next week with us.  Mike asked her for the headshot and bio as well. 

Haas taking Champion role and moderating as well.  Talk will include Value of Vehicle Data in preventing and processing accidents by first responders, victims & trauma centers


1:30 - 2:00

Beyond the Car - Advancing Commercial Vehicles - the transforming software to meet the needs of owners, drivers and fleet mangers

Shareef Hakim - FordThought Leadership

Commercial users of vehicles are unique, using their vehicles for a disparate range of uses. How can COVESA fill a critical need?

further edits may be made by Shareef

2:00 - 2:45

EV Charging Topic: The Future of the EV Experiences

Description: As the automotive ecosystem transitions towards electric vehicles, the need to create a consistent user-friendly experience is becoming increasingly important. For brands to stand out in a competitive EV charging landscape, they are challenged to create user experiences that are both functional and engaging. During this panel discussion, senior-level industry stakeholders will provide deep insights into the current and future state of EV and how it impacts the overall user experience.

Moderator: TBD (but could be Marc Perez – Americas VP, QT Group)

  • Panelist: Matus Banyay – Manager EV Cloud Services - Ford Motor Company 
  • Panelist: Matt Mostafaei – Sr. Manager, EV Software - Stellantis
  • (TBD) Panelist: Adam Woolway – Head of EV – Parkopedia
  • (TBD) Panelist:  Tim Slusser – Chief Mobility Officer, City of Detroit

Matus confirmed his travel for this panel

(Matthew Mostafaei) confirmed from Stellantis as of 8/3. Have to get his headshot and bio to Karin.(done)

Invite sent to Adam Woolway from Parkopedia on 8/28

(thinking of maybe having Matt Jones Moderate the session if Qt is not able to?)

as of 8/29 I did not invite Tim Slusser as yet as I am waiting to see if Parkopedia can confirm as not.  it might end up being a fireside chat talk vs. full panel discussion??? TBD

Is Matus/Adam confirmed? Confirm Tim is not


Fireside or panel?

2:45 - 3:15

Software as Capital

Hisao Munakata -Sr. Director of HPC Solution group, Renesas)Thought Leadership Placeholder for Renesas

In the past, it has been common in vehicle development to develop most of the SW for new models during model updates. That is primarily related to the fact that Tier 1 has provided the majority of SW in the OEM-Tier 1-Tier 2 role-sharing arrangement. Still, the trend toward in-house SW production by OEMs is accelerating with the full-scale development of BEVs in recent years. Until now, developed SW has been considered an intangible fixed asset, but in the future, it will be necessary to "capitalize SW" by actively reusing and evolving it. As a leading-edge semiconductor supplier for automotive applications, Renesas will introduce how it intends to support "SW capitalization."

Stephen: Likely Daniel Sisco; Business/Technical?; Title/speaker; abstract

Maybe a tag-team with Daniel


3:15 - 3:30Break
3:30 - 4:00The Ultimate Vehicle Experience: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond Charlie Cross, Head of Remote Vehicle Management 

ABSTRACT:   As vehicles become more globally connected and software defined, automakers like Stellantis are investing heavily in revolutionizing the driving experience with its commitment to safety, information, and connectivity. During this session you will gain insights into how innovative technology advances in software platforms are making vehicles more dynamic than ever before and changing the overall vehicle experience forever. 

  • Safety: Why is investing in new safety features to keep drivers and passengers safe so important? 
  • Next Generation of Vehicle Information & Connectivity:  Equipping its vehicles with infotainment systems that provide access to real-time information, allowing customers to stay connected with their digital lives, even when they are on the go is the new frontier for automakers and suppliers.  Delivering customized capabilities and personalization that exceed customers’ expectations can be challenging.  Stellantis will share some leadership insights on how they are addressing the challenge.    
  • Dynamics: The SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) is becoming a common term used today in automotive. Through software, leading OEM’s like Stellantis are developing new technology platforms that make vehicles more dynamic than ever before. These platforms are based on the latest software and hardware technologies allowing for a wide range of features, such as over-the-air updates, advanced driver assistance systems, and autonomous driving. 

Our goal is to make vehicles safer, more informed, more connected, and more dynamic than ever before, leading to a better driving experience for customers around the world today, tomorrow and beyond. 

8/29 this is updated abstract for this session.

need Bio

4:00 - 4:45

Zero Prototype Future - Navigating the shift from physical to virtual simulation

Panel on Simulation: Ansys- Jeff Blackburn, Ford (Shareef), Synopsys, Vector, Mathworks, Dassault, etc.

+ Digital Twin 

Simulation with VSS data as the basis

Bios and pics have been provided;

Ansys- Jeff Blackburn, Ford (Shareef), Synopsys- Chris Clark, Mathworks- Govind Malleichervu,

Brandy Goolsby - Moderates

Simulation technologies enable Automotive developers to build and visualize the vehicle and its functionality prior to real-world deployment. As the industry shifts towards software-defined vehicles, businesses are seeking innovative approaches that minimize reliance on physical hardware to speed product development, reduce the complexities of testing, and improve overall quality across the development lifecycle — regardless of the application.

During this session, you'll discover how the industry is collaborating with top simulation providers to facilitate the digital thread for vehicle twins, encompassing the components to the complete system.

Brandy has secured Ansys, Mathworks, Synopsys, and Ford for panel; Brandy to Champion

Confirm speakers and title?

4:45 - 5:30

A Fragment of Your Imagination - Ending AOSP App Framework Fragmentation for Automotive

Andrew Lakin  - FORVIA/Aptoide

Paul to add names:

Stellantis (Amit)



Today the majority of OEMs are adopting Android Automotive Operating System as a base IVI platform for running pre-installed system applications and 3rd party applications.

The ecosystem of 3rd party applications is essential to ensure end-customers can access their favorite content safely in vehicles.  However today due to api fragmentation developers must write an app for each OEM and even individual vehicle models.  

In this session, panelists will discus the challenges and what the industry is doing to address them.

Paul: Coordinate with Thijis; Panel? Cariad, Mercedes, Harman, FORVIA, Content App Provider

Paul gives Thijis a hard go/no-go for championing this panel

Paul brings this up with the AOSP chairs (OEM, Store providers, App Providers)

GM/Mavi.io representatives?

Amit.Andrew Bios needed

5:30 - 8:30 COVESA Member Showcase & Reception -

Wednesday 11 October 2023 (Technical Sessions)

Day 2

Session Time

Track 1 (Data Expert Group)

Track 2 

Track 3  (question)Type



09:00 - 9:45

Data Expert Group Update 

Erik Jaegervall

Title:  AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group Statusf

The chairs of the AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group will provide a group overview and status highlighting their activities and direction.  They will also answer questions from the community.

Melina Mascolo Camille Ghibaudo Richard Fernandes 

Other Topics: VSS Mapping (Cox, AWS, VCC, etc.)

09:45 - 10:30


From Concept to Reality: How Data-Centric Vehicle APIs Shape Software-Defined Vehicles

Adnan Bekan 

Title:  Alternative to Push Notifications  Working Session

The AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group will continue their assessment of alternatives to Push Notifications including UnifiedPush. 

@Jose Freitas Melina Mascolo Richard Fernandes Camille Ghibaudo



EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project Workshop

360 Degree Overview of EV Alliances and Initiatives (US+EU)- How it fits together.  Why Vehicle Signal Specification Matters.

Matus Banyay

11:15 - 11:45


HIM and an interface using it


The Hierarchical Information Model (HIM) is an evolution of the COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) that adds the ability to have multiple trees representing different domains, and representing different types of information. Besides the information type “resource data” that is what is represented by the VSS tree, HIM also supports “service data” where microservices represented by procedures with input and output parameters can be defined. Analogously to VSS, the HIM model does not specify an interface that exposes this information, it leaves this to separate interface specifications. One candidate for this is an evolution of the W3C Vehicle Interface Signal Specification version 2 (VISSv2), that in its current version uses VSS for modelling the data. It is the presenter’s view that this interface can with small modifications be extended to use HIM instead of VSS. This would provide a single interface that can be used to access both information types, that will possibly also be standardized in W3C. The presentation will give the presenter’s view on how this extension could look like.

Ulf Bjorkengren 

11:45 - 12:15


TBD - Private Compute

@yilan Zhang

12:30 - 13:45Lunch

DDS and Data-Centric Communications

Overview of DDS (Data Distribution Service), its applicability to VSS, and how data-centric communications can enable interoperable ecosystems of tools and components with vast scalability; an opportunity for COVESA

Neil Puthuff 


14:30 - 15:00

Integrate VSS with Automotive Systems: Aligning Data Collection with Business Requirements

VSS provides a good basis for modeling and naming sensor and actuator data in a vehicle.  The work to standardize CAN signal descriptions and integrating AUTOSAR signals into VSS is quite useful.  AUTOSAR could even benefit from the VSS naming scheme.   On the other Hand, VSS does not cover how data should be transmitted or which data should be collected when.  These are not data modeling tasks and should be handled separately.  In fact, data acquisition should be dynamically changeable to address changing business goals.  The talk will present how this could be done and what would be advantageous for future COVESA activities.

James Hunt 

15:00 - 15:15Break
15:15 - 16:00

Commercial Vehicle Birds of a Feather 

Ted Guild Okänd användare (tom.spreckley)

EV Power Optimization Prototype Walkthrough

Umang Sharma Okänd användare (dirk.slama@bosch.com) Chris Cheng Pradeep Kumar 

16:00 - 16:30

OTA Updates with Realm

Arnaldo Vera 

16:30 - 17:30

17:30 - 20:30
COVESA Showcase & Reception

Thursday 12 October 2023

Day 3

Session Time

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3 



09:00 - 09:45

Architecture and Infrastructure Working Session


BMW & MongoDB VSS-based Data Middleware PoC - Tiered Sync 

Christian Muehlbauer 

Arnaldo Vera 

Stephen Lawrence 


Discussion of central data service reference playground

This is related to the BMW/MongoDB session above. Topic is evolution towards a public reference playground as previously discussed in Porto and the Data Architecture call.

Christian Muehlbauer 

Stephen Lawrence 

Workshop:  Creation of a Connected Vehicle Safety Ecosystem

The concept behind the “Connected Vehicle Safety Ecosystem” is twofold:

  1. Build coalition of auto industry technology providers with complementary capabilities that will work seamlessly together to help prevent vehicle crashes in the first place – and when crashes do happen – to dramatically improve emergency responder response time and effectiveness, as well as victim safety, recovery time and convenience.
  2. Second, make it far easier for OEMs to understand and appreciate what each ecosystem partner brings to this broader public safety value proposition/business model, how our respective technologies work with (and complement) each other to seamlessly and dramatically change the game in helping to prevent crashes, deliver far more effective emergency response when they do, and to deliver to their customers an unprecedented level of care to keep them safer at all points in their journeys.

This discussion will highlight collective potential contributions of our ecosystem portfolio, including:

  • Maximizing our individual and collective impact: what each company brings to this broader public safety value proposition, and how we can deliver exponentially more value by working together
  • How our respective technologies work together/complement each other
  • Our collective data, and how it can be leveraged for maximum benefit
  • Helping our shared OEM customers to better understand how each of our “pieces” fit together from a technical and business model perspective
  • How we as an ecosystem fit within the overall safety value chain – and how revenue can be made and appropriately shared

Workshop led by Craig Keller and Tim VanGoethem from ESS.

Will be inviting a number of companies interested in Vehicle Safety and might be expanding the participants leading interactive and collaborative discussions.  Will be reaching out others after this session is approved.

09:45 - 10:00


Title:  A strategic perspective on emerging technology trends and transformation in the automotive industry

ABSTRACT: The automobile is undergoing the biggest transformation of its 100-year-old history. Beyond the traditional utility as a mode of transportation, vehicles are fast evolving as a platform that seamlessly connects with our digital living, delivering content and services, transcending to a mobile living space. While this transformation is often described using the CASE paradigm (i.e., Connectivity, Autonomous tech, Services and Electrification), the foundation of the shift is really the redesign from a mechanical hardware-centric system to a cloud-connected compute platform where each function is executed via a service-oriented architecture. Looking through this lens, the presentation will explore the emerging Software-defined Vehicle or SDV and its impact on every aspect of the industry including product development, supply chain ecosystem, talent management, and how we manage and perceive the role of data in future value creations.   

Speaker is Partha Goswami (former Senior Mgr. Technology Trends and Insights at GM)


10:00 - 10:15Break

10:15 - 11:00

Architecture and Infrastructure Working Session

Creation within the community of a set of documentation, patterns, best practices, cookbooks and HowTos for Covesa technology, with an initial focus on VSS and it's eco-system.

Workshop the creation and publishing of technical documentation that supports scaling and adoption of Covesa strategic vision. Be it design patterns, data architecture, cookbooks and howtos.

Stephen Lawrence 

VSS in-vehicle: KUKSA State of the Union

Recent Updates and Roadmaps, "The return of VISS", Android options

Sebastian Schildt 

TITLE:  Workshop - Vehicle as a Wallet

The In Car Wallet - Payments & Orchestration project aims to develop and implement a secure and convenient payment system framework for vehicles, enabling drivers to securely store payment credentials and conveniently make transactions for various services directly from their vehicles. The project will involve designing and integrating a payment platform that enables OEMs to offer a comprehensive payments platform that enables seamless transactions. The project will also incorporate the various parties in the payment ecosystem, which are required to ensure seamless transactions processing on an international scale. The project team will work collaboratively to ensure the successful implementation of this innovative solution.  Come attend this collaborative and interactive workshop session and meet all the other contributing companies supporting the initial launch of this project initiative.

Vehicle as a Wallet Launch Workshop

  • Stellantis (Ajit Asirvadam) - Yes
  • Starfish (Jens Kohnen ) - Yes
  • Mavi.io (Vamsi Putrevu) - Yes
  • John Moon (or someone else if John is not coming to AMM)
  • Sheeva.ai (Evgeny Klochikhin CEO) just joined as a member
  • GAIWARE (Boris Zlatarov or Georg Radev) current new member
  • Endava - Robert Mazzola (or their IVP expert from Europe Andy Davies).
  • Mercedes Benz (Mark Gerban)  possible new member and will not know if he can travel for a few more weeks.
  • Others to be invited

8/23 scheduling a call next week with the IVP vehicle as a wallet team to begin working on content presented at the AMM in this workshop.  We are also working on finalizing the Vehicle as a Wallet project which is the main fuel for this workshop session

Confirm- Sheeva, Endava, Gaiware need Bios for Ajit/Jens

11:00 - 11:45

Architecture and Infrastructure Working Session

Stephen Lawrence 

Vehicle data server southbound architecture

An architecture is described where the southbound side of a vehicle data server utilizes a data store and a feeder to realize the interaction with the underlying vehicle subsystem

Ulf Bjorkengren 

Title: Streaming/data sharing impact on the SW & HW architectures

ABSTRACT: Is there a standard to help OEM’s? For mass adoption it is important to have open standards to maximize the number of experiences and never before imagined ways we use mobility. These standards must not go to far to limit innovation and competition. What are the benefits, risks, regulations and possibilities to the providers and end consumers?

  • Michael Blicher (MODERATOR from Innovation Works)
  • Tuxera (YES - Confirmed Bernd Niedermeier)
  • Cinemo (YES - Confirmed)
  • xperi  possible new member (they are checking for who will speak)
  • SONY  (Seeking approvals for travel - Joseph Perry)
  • NXP (Ragan Dunham - Application Engr. Manager at NXP

8/15 now recruit panelists 

8/23 Tuxera sent bio & headshot

Cinemo is confirming travel and who will be on the panel (reminder sent 8/25)

8/24 Xperi is getting approvals next week and also working on membership

8/25 sent reminder to Sony

8/25 sent reminder to NXP.  NXP confirmed (Karin can you add Ragan Dunham?) need Bio

11:45 - 12:15

Architecture and Infrastructure Working Session

Stephen Lawrence 

Easy Prototyping with ProtoPie and VSS

Show how designers can get access to real vehicle data when prototyping - by using VSS it becomes easy to connect and reuse between OEMs 

Emil Dautovic 

Title: Design Tooling - A New Designers Frontier 

ABSTRACT: The acceleration of new technology like AI, Connectivity, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Real-time 3D, and more, also means the acceleration of consumer expectations. How does COVESA add value to members, not only keeping up with trends, but leading the way? Member input is key to providing that all get the maximum benefit.

  • Unity / Epic Games (possible new member?)
  • Innovation Works (Confirmed)
  • Siili USA (determing who will be speaker right now)
  • Rightware (back from vacation end of August)
  • Parrish Hanna (Capgemini)? new member likely?

8/15 recruiting panelists

12:15 - 13:00Lunch

13:00 - 13:15

Vehicle Common Interfaces 


uServices – A Step towards a standardized vehicle Interfaces for SDV


The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with increased connectivity and digitalization, necessitating the development of standardized interfaces to ensure seamless integration and interoperability across diverse systems. uServices, a platform-independent solution, offers a comprehensive catalog of vehicle interfaces that provide a standardized approach for accessing vehicle data and sending commands and requests to vehicles from in-vehicle software, cloud, or mobile applications. By establishing these interfaces, uServices facilitate seamless communication and data exchange between different components, promoting efficient collaboration within the automotive ecosystem.

 uServices interfaces support a variety of interaction patterns, including Publish/Subscribe and Client/Server, enabling flexible and efficient data exchange. These interfaces are defined using protobuf, a widely adopted technology, ensuring compatibility and interoperability. uServices are also compatible with eclipse-uProtocol and are largely compatible with COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) further enhancing their integration capabilities..

This session will introduce uServices and explain how the standardized vehicle interfaces are fostering seamless integration, interoperability, and streamlined data exchange across diverse systems within automotive industry.f

Halim Ragab 


(reserved for a 15 minute presentation from one of our members)

13:15 - 14:00

Vehicle Common Interfaces

Vehicle API Synch w/ AUTOSAR

Neil Puthuff 

Erik Jaegervall 

Tim Welsch 

Adnan Bekan 

(Adnan as lead)

Title: Vehicle Experience Explore All Collaboration Workshop

ABSTRACT - OEM’s continue to evolve user experiences. New vehicle capabilities, streaming services and emerging applications all are impacting the ecosystem, along with a plethora of additional information to be communicated to the occupants. The Vehicle Experience BoF is all about the Journey. Driver & passengers interact with the vehicle and content throughout the journey. The
proliferation of ADAS, Connectivity, Electrification, Autonomous, and Shared all bring nuance &
expectations in the interaction, display of information and non-distracted controls. The power of community will benefit those who desire to take advantage of it.   

No one company or person will own, shape or define this. The greater connected vehicle ecosystem will.  Join us at this collaborative IVE workshop and discover how your organization can get engaged and help define drive future IVE project initiatives.

  • Stellantis (Brad Gieske and Dan Cashen group leads)
  • Michael Blicher (Innovation Works)

14:00 - 14:45

Vehicle Common Interfaces

Title:  Impacting the Future of In-Vehicle Experiences

ABSTRACT: As automakers move from micro-experiences, like parking assist to macro-experiences like a “good” morning commute we need to look beyond just technology that provides features and functions. We will be explore how tech such can enhancement location-based experiences both in and out of the vehicle. The concept of Experience Based Design will aid in brand loyalty, new opportunities for monetization and change the world of mobility.

  • Aiden
  • TomTom ??? or Here ??? 
  • Qt Group ??? (what they are doing with EV & TomTom?)
  • Sheeva AI (Evgeny Klochikhin CEO)
  • Parkopedia   possible new member
  • Stellantis or Ford (TBD)

8/15 now recruiting for panelists


14:45 - 15:00

Vehicle Common Interfaces


15:00 - 15:30

Vehicle Common Interfaces


(reserved for a 25-30 minute presentation from one of our members)

15:30 - 16:00

VSS Evolvement Workshop

The VSS catalog has grown organically over many years, but we still do not have a clear definition on what the catalog shall cover. This workshop intend to discuss a few topics related to the VSS catalog

  • Content
    • What areas shall the VSS catalog cover
    • Are there any prioritized areas to add?
    • Are there any areas that possibly shall be removed? OBD?
  • Format
    • Source format as of today is *.vspec (Yaml plus extension for include)
    • Would any other source format be better, for example to support API generation?
    • Important aspects for source format (Validation, Reuse, Backward-compatibility...)

Erik Jaegervall 

This session can be adapted in size from 45 minutes to 2 hours


(reserved for a 25-30 minute presentation from one of our members)

16:00 - 16:15

See above?

16:15 - 16:45

Data Expert Group wrap up

17:00 - 18:00Brews & Brainstorming

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