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Individual gap analyses have been started already – see JIRA tracker for progress.  The purpose of this page is to plan a publishable artifact, a document, which includes results from the investigations.

List of specifications/activities that either define a data model or relate to a data model to be analyzed:
Described as Domain Taxonomies in the following definition

  • Vehicle Signal Specification
  • W3C "Gen 2" specification work
  • CVIM (from Automat project)
  • SensorIS
  • CCC?
  • (possibly) IoT initiatives

Comparison critera

For each alternative data model there are several aspects worth analyzing and reporting:

  • Purpose of specification and intention of stakeholders behind it
  • Content, current (and planned, if known)
  • Applicability for different domains and purposes (evaluation according to VCS team
  • License conditions
    • - > Draw conclusions about the possibility of convergence through merging data (for example as allowed by typical open-source licenses)
  • ... feel free to add
  • Organization / stakeholders

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