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Calendar and Collaboration Channels


Calendar and Mailing List are only accessible with a Google account.  

If you have not already done so you can create a Google account without changing their email address here:

COVESA Community Calendar

The COVESA Community Calendar contains all open COVESA meetings.  

Data Expert Group Mailing List (Google Group)


For historic reasons VSS and VSC channels are in w3auto workspace and Data Expert Group is in covesacommunity workspace



(mailing lists and Slack)

Go to COVESA Communication Channels and Calendars


GitHub is where almost all of the VSS project work is maintained.  The main page contains links to   

  • Documentation

    • A straight forward set of topics that give a good overview of VSS

  • Releases

    • Release links with lists of what has changed

  • Specification/Catalog

    • VSS specification refers to the standard catalog. It is maintained in yaml.  It is fully expected that not everyone will implement all data elements/signals and they will likely implement some number of proprietary elements/signals.  VSS is still a useful methodology/rule set for defining interoperable models.

  • Tools

    • Tools are maintained in a separate repository

  • GitHub Project wiki

    • VSS project team uses the VSS wiki for documenting a variety of things including releases.

  • Pull Requests 

    • All edits and updates are presented to the team through Pull Requests and are discussed in weekly meetings.

  • Issues

    • All issues are tracked through GitHub issues

Presentations and Decks

  • Introduction to Vehicle Signal Specification at COVESA AMM October 2022 (deck)
  • Introduction to Vehicle Signal Specification (presentation) at COVESA AMM Spring April 2022 (deck)
  • VSS and VSS Ontology (presentation) at at COVESA AMM Spring 2022 (deck)