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Weekly Meeting

 VSS (COVESA) development meeting Tuesdays at 7am PT / 10am ET / 4pm CET:  Meeting Link

Project Leaders

Adnan Bekan 

Erik Jaegervall 

Sebastian Schildt 

VSS Resources at a Glance


The Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) is a COVESA project which dates back to 2016.

Starting in 2020, COVESA and W3C then started the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) and VSS was proposed as potential starting point to achieve an industry-common data model. 
At the start of 2022 VSS is now being adopted widely and continues to be the assumed starting point for determining an industry-common way to describe data


VSS Overview 


What is the scope of the VSS project?

The VSS project develops two independent but inter-related aspects of data exchange:

  1. The definition of how to define (any) vehicle signals according to the VSS Model rules
  2. The definition of a proposed VSS Standard Catalog, containing a large variety of standard definitions for vehicle data, organized as a tree.

These are both described in the corresponding GitHub project and its documentation.

As a complement to the specification, develop VSS-related software technologies:

    3. Open-source licensed tools to transform and work with VSS are in vss-tools.

Attend, Contribute, Follow, and Release Plan

The best way to follow VSS direction is to 

Understanding VSS

Introduction to VSS




VSS And VSC Alignment

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