Thanks to the coordination of the technical leadership and a great turnout for the technical programs, there was significant engagement and progress made at the recent COVESA All Member Meeting in Porto, Portugal.

Vehicle Signal Specification currently has a significant buzz in the industry and there are multiple perspectives as to where it fits and how to use it. Hence, there is a common theme and push of making VSS real, practical and useable. Many of the sessions and workshops held in Porto aligned with moving this forward.

VSS 4.0 will be released soon.  We are currently in pre-release status. Our goal moving forward, is to align releases with All Member Meetings.

EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project, led by Matus Banyay, Ford, Karsten Krabel, Ford, and Achim Henkel, Bosch, continued to align with VSS the data required to support better EV charging experiences. 

EV Power Optimization Project, led by Pradeep Kumar, Mobis, and Chandra Chitikela, Mobis, continued to align with VSS the data required for optimizing battery usage when needed.

A new Commercial Vehicle Birds of a Feather group was proposed by Ted Guild, Geotab and Thomas Spreckley, ETAS after:

As mentioned in Steve Crumb’s recent blog post, there was a proposal for App Framework Standardization by Melina Mascolo, BMW and Camille Ghibaudo, FORVIA that had significant interest from many OEMs, Tier 1s, technology and platform companies.

Alternate ways of accessing vehicle from Android are still very much in mix as well with Android API:  Closing the Gap – Jan Kubovy, BMW.

These are just a few of the AMM technical highlights, but you can find even more sessions and workshops here.

Please engage and get involved and to learn more about what is happening in COVESA, check out our wiki.

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