With Matt Jones, Director of Global Technology Strategy at Ford Motor Company

Why did your company join COVESA?

As an industry leader in the automotive market, Ford Motor Company recognizes the importance of open standards for vehicle signals. We believe that by adopting COVESA's Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS), we can promote cross-interoperability and facilitate innovation in the industry.

Why is COVESA important to the industry?

In today's world of connected vehicles, it is essential that we have a common language for communication between different systems. The COVESA VSS project provides a standardized way for vehicles to communicate with each other, as well as with infrastructure and other devices. By using open standards, we can avoid the fragmentation of the market and ensure that all vehicles can communicate effectively.

What are the benefits of open standards what benefits does your participation in COVESA bring to your company and business? 

One of the key benefits of open standards is that they promote competition and innovation. By using a common set of standards, companies can focus on creating new and innovative products and services, rather than spending time and resources on developing proprietary solutions. This can lead to faster product development, greater efficiency, and ultimately, better products for consumers.

In addition, open standards can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By adopting a common set of standards, we can avoid the need for expensive custom solutions and reduce the time and effort required to integrate different systems. This can lead to faster time-to-market, lower costs, and improved overall performance.

By supporting open standards like the COVESA VSS project, we can continue to drive innovation and progress in the automotive industry. We urge other companies to join us in supporting open standards and to take advantage of the resources available through our developer.ford.com site. Together, we can build a better future for the industry and deliver better products and services to our customers.

Organizations interested in joining COVESA can visit covesa.global/join and information about technical participation in COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki.

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