In today’s digital era, consumers expect the technology they interact with in their daily lives - from smartphones to smart homes - to work seamlessly. This expectation also applies to their vehicles, which are not just a means of transportation but an integral part of a larger mobility ecosystem. But how do we bridge this gap between expectation and reality?

The big challenge for vehicle manufacturers is to remain at the forefront of this digital integration. They must determine the crucial data, functionalities, and programming interfaces that apply to current and future digital experiences. Beyond creating these content and experiences, it's about updating them swiftly, safely, and without disruption.

Addressing these challenges and seizing the opportunities requires a common understanding of vehicle data and interfaces, both in and out of the vehicle and across the broader mobility ecosystem. That’s where COVESA’s Vehicle Signal Specification plays a pivotal role, establishing a common language that underpins the digital platform of future automobiles.

Since its introduction in 2016, VSS has become a widely adopted, open data model for vehicle data from speed, tire pressure, interior lights, and much more. At its core, it’s about making it universally understandable and usable across many contexts.

More than a technical specification, VSS is a catalyst for collaboration. It reduces fragmentation in vehicle data and opens doors for cross-industry partnerships in areas like EV charging, safety, maintenance, fleet operations, and more unlocking new business opportunities and spurring ecosystem growth.

Learn more about the key advantages and design principles behind VSS in our latest white paper, “Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS): Enabling Cross-Industry Ecosystems and Innovation.” 

VSS is gaining rapid adoption, yet there is still plenty of opportunity to evolve the specification and associated tooling. VSS will only reach its full potential if it continues to be widely adopted by the automotive and adjacent industries. We invite you to join the COVESA community and Data Expert Group to collaboratively drive VSS forward!

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