As the automotive industry moves toward Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV), a collaborative effort across the entire sector is crucial for this transition. The upcoming COVESA Spring Annual Member Meeting (AMM) in Gothenburg, Sweden, from April 16-18, perfectly aligns with this drive, offering a platform to share ideas, innovations, and solutions through sessions dedicated to various SDV topics.

These sessions delve into the intersection of technology, open-source, and business within the SDV landscape:

Tuesday, April 16

Wednesday, April 17

Thursday, April 18

These sessions are timely considering the formation of the SDV Alliance, which includes AUTOSAR, COVESA, Eclipse SDV, and SOAFEE, and was announced at CES 2024. This "collaboration of collaborations" aims to clarify each consortium's contributions to the SDV ecosystem and foster active cooperation to showcase their interconnectedness and synergy.

Register now to join the global automotive community in Gothenburg, where you will have an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate on the cutting edge of automotive innovation.

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