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Obsolete - for final slides see COVESA All Member Meeting ~ October 10-12, 2023

Note: Another planning page with restricted access exists at Technical Track - Working Internal planning page for COVESA AMM October 2023

Session Proposals

Proposed Topic/Session TitleAbstractRequested DurationRequested DayProposed ByComments
BMW & MongoDB VSS-based Data Middleware PoC - Tiered Sync In this talk, we will share the PoC BMW and MongoDB have been working on regarding the creation of a data middleware to enable a connected vehicle experience for the end user, and the use of VSS for its development. We will review the data middleware requirements, the iOS application and its connection to the cloud. We will also share some challenges found along the way and hope to open up the conversation for further collaboration.30 min

Stephen Lawrencediscussion in the Data Arch call suggests at the start of the Thursday AM Data Architecture workshop

Discussion of community led Central Data Service reference playground

This session is intended to advance discussion of a community led reference implementation of a Central Data Service playground. 

The session will be split into two parts

  • Part 1: Readout of the proposal as a starting point for discussion and to build understanding (9:30-9:45/50)
  • Part 2: Workshop the base components and the possibilities for 'spins' using it, e.g:
    • Data models: knowledge layer, data models, VSSo
    • Interface pillar: IFEX, service definition, Vehicle API/Autosar
    • Data Architecture: Sync, reasoning at the edge etc.

Note: This is related to the BMW/MongoDB session above. The topic is an evolution towards a public reference playground as previously discussed in the Spring AMM in Porto and the Data Architecture and Infrastructure pillar.
1 hourThursday AM during Data Architecture workshopA project proposal is planned to be written ahead of the AMM
OTA updates with RealmIn this talk, we will share how you can build tools for monitoring the status of the OTA update process. This can include real-time insights into update delivery, success rates, and potential issues. The vehicle and the backend establish a handshake mechanism that streamlines acknowledgments along the OTA process30 min

Creation within the community of a set of documentation, patterns, best practices, cookbooks and HowTos for Covesa technology, with an initial focus on VSS and it's eco-system.

Workshop the creation and publishing of technical documentation that supports scaling and adoption of Covesa strategic vision. Be it design patterns, data architecture, cookbooks and howtos.

30 - 45/60 mins depending on how much is workshopThursday AM during Data Architecture workshop. Following discussion of the Central Data Service playgroundDesign Pattern / Data Architecture documentation proposal
HIM and an interface using itThe Hierarchical Information Model (HIM) is an evolution of the COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) that adds the ability to have multiple trees representing different domains, and representing different types of information. Besides the information type “resource data” that is what is represented by the VSS tree, HIM also supports “service data” where microservices represented by procedures with input and output parameters can be defined. Analogously to VSS, the HIM model does not specify an interface that exposes this information, it leaves this to separate interface specifications. One candidate for this is an evolution of the W3C Vehicle Interface Signal Specification version 2 (VISSv2), that in its current version uses VSS for modelling the data. It is the presenter’s view that this interface can with small modifications be extended to use HIM instead of VSS. This would provide a single interface that can be used to access both information types, that will possibly also be standardized in W3C. The presentation will give the presenter’s view on how this extension could look like.60 min

Vehicle data server southbound architecture

An architecture is described where the southbound side of a vehicle data server utilizes a data store and a feeder to realize the interaction with the underlying vehicle subsystem.45-60 min

DDS and Data-Centric CommunicationsOverview of DDS (Data Distribution Service), its applicability to VSS, and how data-centric communications can enable interoperable ecosystems of tools and components with vast scalability; an opportunity for COVESA.60 min
Neil Puthuff 

VSS in-vehicle: KUKSA State of the Union

(Recent Updates and Roadmaps, "The return of VISS", Android options)45 minWednesday

CatenaX open data ecosystem for the automotive industry using open standards


CatenaX is looking into VSS usage for some of their use cases, and is interested to present on AMM

speaker tbd - will be from Catena-X consortium

tentative, contact Sebastian Schildt 


Easy Prototyping with ProtoPie and VSS

Show how designers can get access to real vehicle data when prototyping - by using VSS it becomes easy to connect and reuse between OEMs 20WednesdayEmil Dautovic 

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