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A recording of the workshop is available.

Starting timeExpected durationCVII TrackTopicSpeaker/moderatorComments#
1600 CEST5
Welcome and AgendaGunnar A (GENIVI)
& W3C (tick)


10GeneralCVII Survey questions and resultsPhilippe Robin (tick)Slides (PDF)2

55Common Model/Catalog
(for services/APIs)

Vehicle Service Catalog
and the potential of an industry-common

Service Interface Language

VSC language, Franca IDL, OpenAPI, AsyncAPI → single language

  • Work so far
  • Discussion and feedback

Magnus Feuer (tick)

(Gunnar Andersson)

Slides (PDF)3
171020-25AlignmentISO Extended Vehicle specification – status and future discussionFlorian Pinzel (DENSO) (tick)Slides (PDF)4



Tech Stack

The AUTOSAR connection – potential and plans for connecting data and service models

(TBC) FARACON review?

10 min Q&A / discussion time

TietoEvery – (tick)

Slides (PDF)6
~181020Tech StackAOS – Cloud-and-vehicle framework as an example of CVII-related ongoing development

Artem Mygaiev, EPAM (tick)

Slides (PPTX)7
~182520-25Tech StackBuilding the CVII technology stack – Plans and discussionGunnar A (tick)Slides (PDF)8
~185010 m


END 1900 CEST3h total


Extra / Waiting list

Starting timeExpected durationCVII TrackTopicSpeaker/moderatorComments


Quick updates from projects:

  • VSSo, DTDL
  • CCS
  • VSS Tools
  • Vehicle Edge progress and plans (Thomas S)

VSSo, DTDL – Daniel Wilms? (tick)

Interesting questions (to new participants):

  • Do you think the data representation in vehicle and in cloud should and can be the same?
  • Value of container technologies?
    • Architectural questions (microservices, one service per container, or several, ...?)
    • Choice of programming language could be "hidden" in containers.

Areas of interest (brainstorm)

  • Stephen Lawrence: I am interested in discussing areas lower in the in-vehicle stack that are current pain points in the industry that we can collaboratively improve. I am thinking of things like points Unknown User (alexander.domin) raised in Tech Stack call 19/6 about interfacing above and below VISS and the issues of integrating buses. Related would be issues around the nexus of cross-domain functionality. This might start purely as information sharing from which like minded groups are identified.
  • Short summary of survey, especially where people are willing to contribute, etc.
    • (full PDF available but not presented all details)
  • Backdrop for taking next step is proof of adoption of VSS&VSSo. 
    • BMW any news?  Microsoft connection?
  • VSC / interface language next steps (status, options, dialog) 
    • Status = language proposal, open questions
    • APIs being defined "elsewhere" (digital key being defined via Android?, other necessary standard interfaces?)
    • Are you willing to put forward descriptions?
    • Survey results + input from this meeting
    • Drivers for industry standard interfaces → Rental companies?
  • Alignment Track:  ISO ExVe current state and plans?  (Florian)
  • Alignment Track:  OPIN and eSync progress.
  • AOS ?
  • Stephen Lawrence : Hard to summarise the possible scope here but I have been thinking about in-vehicle and wondering about integration into embedded build systems. Is there discussion to be had at this point about the usefulness, or not, of shared development of embedded distro recipes, e.g. Yocto, or perhaps the current focus on containers is sufficient?
  • Stephen Lawrence : Certain functionality shown in the "OEM Cloud" section of the CCS "Big picture" could also optionally migrate to the "Vehicle Edge", or something close to it such as near-road V2X. Would it help to have a discussion about the possibilities and if that affects technology decisions? A similar point applies to cloud vs edge analysis.
  • Stephen Lawrence : Possibility to define API "southbound" for adapters into VISS? Goal is to improve portability of adapters and reduce integration efforts.

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