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Brainstorm (document structure, headings, content, principles, goals...)

Headings / Main Topics

  • DevOps
  • Microservices
  • Serverless
  • Containerisation

Principles for the document:

  • General explanation of each concept
  • Benefits of this in CCS context would be included

Topics likely to be covered:

  • Cloud-first approach
  • Agility, scalability, performance
  • Modern architecture characteristics (using microservices, containerisation etc.)
  • Advantages:  Higher performance, improved efficiency of underlying resources, cost savings, auto-scaling, load-balancing...
  • Proof of Concepts ← important principle, validate technical decisions.
    • Refer to the PoC (CCS)
  • Minimum Viable Product - MVP principle
  • Use infrastructure-as-code
  • Existing ecosystem / legacy systems integration, ...
  • References - sources for information / claims, and where to find more (joining the project etc.)

(question) Compare Cloud provider platform/software offers?

  • Initially was considered to be left out.  (keep it purely technical overview)
    ... but should be mention at minimum to reference what we know (that we know) about the different capabilities and offers.

(question) Reference Architecture?

  • reference CCS arch, advocacy for usefulness?
  • Different subsections of "whole system" such as cloud, vehicle, edge.

(question) CVII connection?

  • Effects of the existence of an agreed-upon data / services standard?


  • Introduction chapter should give "scope limit" for document.
  • Also, is there a problem statement, current state of practice - can we describe a solution
  • Are there other aspects of "OEMs doing things in a unique vs. similar way" that should be highlighted (not about data-model and the core of CVII goals, but other aspects)

References / earlier work

  • No labels