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This page intends to contain the agenda for next VISS meeting (Mondays 16.00-17.00 CET) and notes from previous meeting. Below is a template for the agenda. General agenda points like discussion on PRs and issues may be skipped if discussion on prioritized topics takes too long time.

See COVESA Common Meeting Schedule for meeting link. The meeting is open to anyone.


  • It is expected that all meeting participants have read the compliance statement. Every meeting will start with a reminder.

  • Every meeting will start with appointment of note taker. Notes can be on-line, or off-line and if so mailed to moderator within 24 hours. Fair scheduling, i. e. all should take turn. A reason for not taking it is if one expect to speak much at the meeting.

  • Strive for backwards compatibility. Non-backwards compatibility, anyone can ask for a voting, requires 2/3 of votes to be accepted.
  • VISSR deep technical discussion should be handled on the VISSR Slack channel and its Github Issues page.

Specification development page

The writing of the specification is done at https://github.com/COVESA/vehicle-information-service-specification.

Welcome and Compliance statement

Welcome to the COVESA VISS Meeting!

Before we begin, we would like to make clear that COVESA is committed to compliance with the antitrust laws in all of its activities, and that it expects all participants to similarly comply with the antitrust laws.  We will not engage in--and members must refrain from--any discussion of, or understandings regarding competitively sensitive topics. If you have any doubts regarding whether a matter is appropriate for discussion, please consult with your antitrust counsel.

Open and Royalty-Free
Further, COVESA aspires to be an open and royalty-free organization. The discussions and contributions made during this session are governed by the COVESA Intellectual Property policy. If you are unfamiliar with that policy, please review it in detail prior to making any contribution that reads upon a patent.

Agenda Template

  • Compliance statement
  • Welcome and agenda discussion - anything that needs to be added?
  • Prioritized Topics:
    • xxx
  • General topics:
    • Open Pull Requests VISS
    • Issues VISS
    • Discussions VISS
    • VISSR information
      • Major PRs
      • Q&A
  • Other
  • Prioritized topics for next meeting

Meeting notes  2024-05-13

  • Intro: Names, company, contribution?
  • Prioritized Topics: 
    • Roadmap creation
    • New features for the next VISS version 
      • VISS tied to VSS and passenger vehicles. As there is a need for additional information models, maybe adapt for Hierarchical Information Model (HIM) proposal 
        • ATA TMC (several attendees from their Data Science team in attendance) express interest in additional data models
        • Question on how to accommodate VSS within HIM, explained as a higher level wrapper and backwards compliant
          • Similar rules to be applied to the other data models
          • Resistance to extend VSS beyond vehicle signals
          • Wally: either HIM, VSS overlays or perhaps a third approach could work for ATA needs
            • Suggest we define what we want the model to support to evaluate
            • Stephen: is the first goal the semantics side - metadata?
            • Diagnostics capabilities, trailer or specialty equipment are the data models being discussed
          • Peter: there are existing services work within COVESA that need alignment with this
          • Ulf: we may end up with merging of ideas or competition and see which prevails 
          • OpenAPI approach wasn't conducive to automotive purposes, hence VISS
      • Define payload that can be transported across multiple protocols, could possibly support OpenAPI (would need to add subscriptions) 
    • Suggest we solicit input from AutoSAR (Erik) and BMW on Android (Adnan or Andre)
  • Meeting split between VISS (specification) and VISSR (Reference implementation of VISS)
    • Informational update on VISSR on regular call, deep technical as time allows or call participant warrants otherwise details will be on slack & github
    • Also welcome questions from participants, can inform the specification work as well
    • Tagged releases
  • VISSR branching/release strategy for next VISS version
  • Policy notes reviewed
    • Paul/Stephen: Reminder to please add company name in your display name.
  • CVIS Charter

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