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Weekly Meeting

VSC weekly development meeting:  Meeting Link

Recorded Meetings

You will find recorded meetings here.



Create a standardized, extensible vehicle service catalog, and associated tools, to enable protocol-, language-and specification-agnostic interoperability between ECUs, infotainment, and cloud.

  • Standardized – Version managed service specification with regular releases
  • Extensible – Proprietary extensions can be added to an open-standard catalog
  • Tools – Auto-generate network code and APIs from service specifications
  • Specification agnostic – Translation to and from multiple specification formats
  • Interoperability – Enable seamless communication in the vehicle and over the air

Presentations from April 2022 All Member Meeting

VSC And VSS Alignment 

October 2021 AMM Presentation - Excellent Background on Current Thinking

Jump to 8:04 for VSC.  Confluence won't let you embed a YouTube link with a start time.

Ongoing design/discussion points

For details it could be best to track the GitHub issues in VSC and VSC-tools

  • Stakeholder input:  #1 preferred source-language for interface descriptions.  e.g. Franca IDL or other, or do companies use gRPC directly, etc.?
  • Stakeholder input:  Interesting mapped technologies, input-and-output formats and bindings.  (e.g. gRPC, SOME/IP, DDS, HTTP/REST based remote procedure call protocols, ...)
  • How to reference VSS signals in VSC model
  • Error handling feature built in
    • Build in some support for success/error return
    • Note: Method invocation errors that are related to the particular target/protocol are separate from this mechanism.  Those are defined in target/protocol separate specification. 
      Example: "method name not found" on a web request.
    • Support a global error type enum.  Configurable.  More than one.
    • Specify which errors are expected/applicable per method
    • Error feature is optional but best-practice.  Out-parameters still exist of course, and can be (mis)used to report invocation success
    • Next:  Make syntax proposal.  Consider is this feature reasonable to translate/map to all IDLs, target environments that we envision.  How is it mapped?
  • Franca <-> VSC YAML mapping 
    • document, compare keywords
  • Franca further development to a "next version"? 
    • Interesting if desired new features are not covered.  E.g. error-feature might be one such thing.
  • Set up documentation on GitHub Wiki instead, or as a complement
  • Terminology, names.  Coin a useful name for the "VSC IDL language"
  • Review OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, gRPC/protobuf, Franca, etc. for syntax similarity  (names of things) and feature coverage.  Find alignment oppportunities.
    • One stakeholder suggested: Could OpenAPI be extended to cover non-REST.  I.e. "OpenAPI-next" == VSC language?  Rationale: OpenAPI known outside automotive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why another IDL?
  • Why is adopting <insert existing choice> not enough?  Or is it?Several answers can be found in previous presentations/slide decks 

References, previous presentations...


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