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Comment: April 19th meeting


  • Proposals:
    • Christian: Different Data Domains (approx 20-30 mins)
      • Presentation on BMW experience.
      • (placeholder from Steve until Christian replaces with details) Starting from using personal data as example of different data domain and moving to data middleware.
      • Steve: m/w may be handy bridge towards follow on discussion of persistence
    • Felix: Persistence
      • (placeholder from Steve until Felix replaces with details) Presentation on classifying different persistence options
    • Steve: Persistence
      • Data Server to Data Store connection, including high volume data
      • Data analytics using TS DB features
        • e.g. using DB User Defined Features (UDF) for analytics allows the same processing logic in-vehicle and the cloud
      • etc.
      • Goal: collective idea of high level outline of some topics to tackle down. We wonder if X, results should Y.
    • Steve: Deployment Scenarios
      • Pick one of the Deployment Scenario diagrams (from Miro set) and work on taking it to the next level. What are the requirements, logical components etc?
      • Paul: Would be useful to understand what the group wants from the scenario discussions. Requirements, PoCs etc.?
      • Steve: That is a way to approach the scenarios top-down. Derive how to approach the scenarios.
      • Goal: 1) Advance shared agreement/understanding of that scenario. 2) High level idea of what needs to be tackled. 
    • Piotr: A useful discussion could be how to handle the compatability compatibility issues between components.
    • Felix: workshop
      • Details TBA
      • Most likely Thursday PM

Agreed Plan

30 (15-20) TBCDifferent Data DomainsChristian
1 hour
20m Christian
10m Felix
30m Discussion
Building Bridges with a common Data Middleware: How to enable Data Sharing and Collaboration across different Domains

Christian / Felix for presentation,

Steve facilitating

Return of experience from BMW/MongoDB on their investigations into using a common data centric architecture across different domains.

Followed by a discussion of the points raised and the data-science big picture of leveraging VSS.


40-60 mins
? TBCDeployment Scenarios
Deployment ScenariosAllTake one of the Deployment Scenarios diagrams to the next level.

If the prior session is going really well in terms of moving the data-science discussion on then this may be compressed.
15 minsWrap up


  • Paul: We should ensure the data scientists are in the room.