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Data Expert Group
▶︎ Best Practices
     ▷ Governance
     ▷ Privacy and Identity
     ▷ Data Model Definition
     ▷ API First
▶︎ Data Models and Ontologies
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS)
     ▷ Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology (VSSo) - W3C Collaboration
▶︎ Architecture and Infrastructure
▶︎ Interface Definition
     ▷ Vehicle API
     ▷ Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC)
     ▷ Vehicle Information Service Specification (VISS) - W3C Collaboration
Data Expert Group Workshop 2023Q1

Electric Vehicle Charging Expert Group
▶︎ EV Charging Event Data Aggregation Project
▶︎ EV Optimization - Increase Travel Range for Fixed Battery

Android™ Automotive SIG
▶︎ Android Automotive White Label App Store

Security Team

Simulation and Tooling

Vehicle Experience and Content - Entertainment BoF
▶︎ In-vehicle Payment SIG


Common Vehicle Interface Initiative

Cloud & Connected Services Project

SDV Telemetry Project - On Hold


Industry Events

Industry Events 2023


October 2022 All Member Meeting

April 2022 All Member Meeting

October 2021 All Member Meeting

May 2021 All Member Meeting

October 2020 All Member Meeting

May 2020 Virtual Technical Summit

November 2019 Technical Summit

May 2019 All Member Meeting

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This is the landing page for the Architecture and Infrastructure pillar of the Data Expert Group.


The scope of the group is any technologies (software) involved in the transfer and use of the Covesa standard data and services description models with the goal of making their adoption quicker and easier. That can be achieved through collaboration on specifications, design patterns, non-differentiating technology and PoCs to prove they work.

For more details see the The 2022 Autumn AMM Data Expert Group Introduction:

Building on earlier work

The Genivi Cloud & Connected Services (CCS) project investigated the requirements of open data capture in-vehicle and its connection to back-end systems in the cloud. One of the deliverables was this well known cloud reference architecture diagram:

Source: CCS Reference Architecture - Work Breakdown Structure

CCS was followed by the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) Tech Stack project which investigated the software required to transfer and process the standard VSS data model. For that a mutual understanding of terms and common components were required. The latter resulted in this in-vehicle architecture diagram, which is intended to show the likely in-vehicle components and how they interact, rather than specify a specific monolithic architecture:

These two diagrams, the CCS Cloud reference architecture and the CVII Tech Stack in-vehicle architecture will be foundational building blocks for discussion of evolved versions in the Data Architecture and Infrastructure team.


To avoid multiple sources of information please refer to the Data Expert Group main page for details of the community calendar and communication channels.

Currently the group meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons at 5pm CET:

Stephen Lawrence is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 

Topic: Data Expert Group: Architecture and Infrastructure
Time: Nov 2, 2022 05:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Every week on Wed, until Oct 11, 2023, 50 occurrence(s)
Nov 2, 2022 05:00 PM
Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 2018 1731
Passcode: @DATA1

In Slack we use the data expert group channel. Hope to see you there.


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